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1904 Diary Frontispiece
Sun. Sept. 4, 1904

Reached Coupeville at 1 A.M. & put up at Central Hotel. Arose at 7 & finally got a man to drive me over to San de Fuca where I met Aunt Juliet, Mrs. Snow & Mrs. Monroe & Anton Monroe. All were perfectly delighted to see me. Walked around Anton's farm & had a good time. Shall stay till Tuesday. Can't get away today anyhow & not till Tuesday if I want to call on the relatives here.

Whidbey Relatives

[top row: Mary (Mamie) Monroe, Fred Adams, Anton Monroe]
[2nd row: Kate Morse Monroe*, Juliet Morse*, Sarah Morse Snow]
[3rd row: Lillian Monroe, Ava Monroe]
[*Order may be wrong - Ed.]

Mon. Sept. 5, 1904

Aunt Sarah Snow & I started out to visit relatives this A.M. Called on Mrs. Izett who was Annie Monroe of Brunswick Me. Met her husband & children & his father & mother, from there we went over to George Morse's & became acquainted with him, his wife Mary, their daughter Louisa & their sons Tom & Marshall, their wives & families. Tom's name is O'Leary, being the son of a former union,. Louisa is a peach & played for us on the piano in great shape. Took photos at both places. All delighted to meet me.


[in doorway: George Morse - Ed.]


Tues. Sept. 6, 1904

Arose at 7. After breakfast, took a walk over to the Potlatch Hotel & photo-ed it & an old indian dugout. Then went up in the oat field & staid with Anton. Took dinner at his home in company with Aunt Kate Monroe, his mother. Aunt Juliet gave me a quilt which she made herelf in the course of 2 yrs., no two pieces alike & containing 999 squares. She called it a "charm" Quilt, also one made by Great Grandmother Morse. Said goodbye to all & left for La Conner on p.m. boat. Put up at McGlinn Hotel.


Wed. Sept. 7, 1904

Left La Conner on stage with Mr. Izett for Mt. Vernon. Mr. Hoar & I took in the sights there until train time. Left for Van Couver at 11.28 & reached there at 4.30. Bought some souvenirs & looked around till 5.30. Lord Minty, Gov. Gen. of Canada is on the train making a farewell tour. All turned out to see him in company with the militia. Van Couver is fine. Street cars keep to the left. Street paved with wood blocks & and side walks are of plank. Saw heaps of China men & a few Indians. All the military men carry canes & most of the Englishmen.