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1907 Diary Frontispiece

Tuesday April 23

Called on dear old “Reny” at Stone-Fisher Co. and had a good chat. She seemed glad to see me. Did not stay long. Came back to the hotel and wrote to Sydnor and Hull and sent souvenir postal to Billy Hudson. Left for Fuca at 12 via Everett and Mr. Colter came down to see me off and help me with my baggage. Ran across Anna Morse at Everett. Arrived at Fuca at 6 and put up at Charlie Dyer’s. All glad to see me. Called on Lou a few minutes.

Wednesday April 24

Arose at 7 feeling like a fighting cock. Everything is looking lovely here: fruit trees all in bloom and grass green as can be. The air is grand. It beats Pasadena. Put in quite a bit of practising today & it seemed good to blow the horn again. Walked over to Tony’s & saw all the folks over there. All seemed more or less glad to see me. Had supper at Tony’s & then came back here. Lou came over for the eve. & we had some music.

Thursday Apr 25

Wrote Mr. Puffer a long letter telling him how to get here etc. Letter from John inviting me to hurry up & come to Bellingham as he is going East on the first of May. Shall be mighty glad when Mr. Puffer gets here. Fixed my old cornet case up in fine shape & repaired my satchel. Had supper at Lou’s and got interested in a book called the Sky Pilot. Ollie O’Leary is here for a short visit. She is a jolly girl.

Friday Apr 26

Left San de Fuca at about 11 en route to Bellingham. Reached Seattle at about 5.30. Called to see Reny & invite her out to supper but she couldn’t go on acct. of her mother’s illness. Wrote a long letter to Leila & Beth from the Steven’s in order to kill time. Left for Bellingham at 10 on the Starr, a miserable old tub. Couldn’t get a berth & had to bunk on a table.

Friday May 10

Split some wood & then came down with a splitting headache for a change. Long letter from Ma. She has practically decided not to return East & may not come up here. Spent the p.m. with my old aunties & my head got so bad I had to stay all night. Tony came over & talked awhile. They are all wild to have Ma come up.

Took a lot of pictures around the ranch

Wednesday May 29

Arose quite late this A.M. Am badly bitten by fleas and didn’t sleep very well last night. Juliet O’Leary came down to the ranch this A.M. & I was delighted to see her. She has grown very pretty and womanly since I saw her in 1905. Her face is almost a duplicate of my old friend’s Mary Price. With her were her two uncles Judge Zent & his brother. We all went over to Coupeville this P.M. to see the launching of the new steamer Whidby, to attend the high school graduation exercises & the dance given by the Steamer owners. Had a glorious time. Danced nearly all the dances & it seemed like the good old times.

launching the Whidby

Fred the Colt

Sunday June 16

Arose at about 9. Went down to Nellie’s after breakfast and wrote letters until late in the p.m. Big crowd at dinner & a jolly time we had.

San de Fuca on a busy day

Monday Aug 5

At San de Fuca all day. Cleaned my clothes & shaved & then went up to see the girls. Met Reny on the way and she proposed a walk, which we took and had a jolly time. She leaves this p.m. for home. Am sorry to have her go. Reny is my good friend surely. Made out some statements for Chris until the boat came, which I went down to meet, and which brought Mother safe & sound. Introduced her to Lou, Reny & others & then took her over to Nellie’s until Chris was ready to bring us up to the old ladies’ home.

Friday Aug 9

Knocked off this noon for the rest of the day. Got badly stung by hornets this A.M. in 5 places. Shaved, bathed and then went down to Fuca for the dance. Played from 9 till 2 nd got along nicely. Very pretty party. Several of the girls dressed in Jap costume & looked very pretty. It was a Japanese party.

Japanese Ball

Sunday Aug 18

A big bunch of us went out to West beach on another famous picnic & had a swell time. Staid with Mrs. Egan most of the time. We went out to the fish trap & saw them lift a portion of the fish. Never saw such a sight in my life. Took two snap shots, & got two salmon to take home. Ma had a good time too.

Fish trap

San de Fuca

Monday Aug 26

Started to dig Lou’s spuds but gave it up on acct. of the rain & went clamming instead. Got a fine mess & we had clam fritters galore. Practised with Mrs. Egan this p.m. & had another good tim.e. Played at a small dance at the hotel to accomodate Mrs. E. and had a jolly time. Danced quite a bit too, but I like to play too much to dance a great deal.

Benson newsclip

Wednesday Sept 4

Started for the woods & then changed my mind & decided to go with the bunch to Fort Casey. Am glad I did for I had a grand time. Mother, Tony, Mamie, Uncle Geo, Aunt Mary, Auntie Chris, Uncle Joe & Dr. McKee were in the party. Ma, Mamie, Tony & I had lunch alongside the road while waiting for Uncle Geo & Aunt Mary. We had a West Pointer show us the fort, big guns & mortars & it was very interesting. Had a jolly ride home. Saw Mrs. Egan & she is coming up to Tony’s beach to camp next week.

Lillian Doris & Ava

Fort Casey

Thursday Sept 5

In the woods again, but do not feel much like working after loafing so long. Split a lot of fire wood. Ma starts for the East next Wednesday. Check for $30.00 from Neil for poles I have cut. More as soon as he hauls them out.

Friday Sept 6

In the woods all day and worked like a Turk. Had hard luck. Ma walked to San de Fuca and Sibbie & Nellie walked back with her. Letter from John Hull. He has the Seattle fever & is going to locate there. Guess I will too if Charlie does. Practised an hour. Picked a lot of plums to save them from the yellow jackets.

Aunt Sarah and Ma

Old folks' home

Saturday Sept 7

Staid at home to mend my boots & it took me so long that I didn’t go to the woods, and as I was starting off this p.m. Tony asked me if I wanted to go hunting Pheasants. He didn’t have to ask twice. Helped him pick some chickens & then we started. Killed nothing but time, but enjoyed ourselves. Went over the old Craney place and located some fine bark trees and some nice apples.

Ma's birthday 59 yrs. old

Sunday Sept 8

A big crowd of us went to Libby’s beach for the last picnic of the season and had a fine time, a swell feed and a good walk to Poudilla Lake, where I took some pictures and a big tumble, scraping off the epidermis on my right arm and shin. Ma was scared blue and I was mad. A big, dead sea lion on the beach made us move on to a new place to eat dinner. The stink was too much for us. Listened to the old ladies and Ma singing hymns this eve. Ma’s last Sunday here.

Chris & sea lion

Mother at Coupeville

Monday Sept 9

Working with Tony all day cutting down a bark tree and taking off the bark. Hard work. Went down to the Pot Latch House with Ma as she wanted to see it this eve. Wrote Mr. Larson about some Sept. expirations.

Tuesday Sept 10

At the ranch all the A.M. helping Tony in various ways. He took Ma, her baggage & me down to Fuca this p.m Put up at Nellie’s for the night. Ma’s last day on the island.

Wednesday Sept 11

After a very rainy & rough passage Ma & I arrived at Seattle at about 1 P.M. & put up at the Diller. Met my old friend & business associate, Sydnor of Pasadena who was with his brother-in-law, Dr. Jordan & made plans to see each other tomorrow & “do” the town. Took Ma to the “Star” & saw some vaudeville this eve.

F.G. Adams newsclip

Thursday Sept 12

Saw Mother off on the 9.20 train & left her weeping. She hated to go & I hated to have her, but glad that I was not going back. The West is good enough for me for a while yet. Met Sydnor at Dr. Jordan’s office 301 Oriental Block, together with his mother & sister (Mrs. Jordan) & we all went down to see the big Minnesota. S & I went all over her. Saw Secy. Taft & was surprised to note how very little enthusiasm he aroused. Almost none at all tho there was a big crowd present. Had lunch at Wood’s Cafe & then S & I went out to Woodland Park. Saw the animals etc. & then came back. Had dinner at Dr. Jordan’s & spent the night there. Mr. & Mrs. Harry Stokes called & we looked over the Dr’s Phillipine photos & played cards.

Friday Sept 13

Sydnor & I arose at about 8. Had a fine breakfast, and staid at the house until about 10.30 when we went down town & looked over the Stokes candy & ice cream factory in company with Harry Stokes & then took lunch with him at his fine restaurant on 2nd Ave. Left for Fuca at 2 p.m. & Sydnor came down to the boat with me. Introduced him to Harry Barrington. Had fine trip back and a dandy supper on board the Whidby. Arrived in time to take in the dance given by Mrs. Egan in honor to her mother. Sat at the spread with Mrs. E. at her invitation. Staid at Lou’s all night.

Friday Sept 20

Took Sydnor up to the ranch ofter we had called on Lou and Mrs. Egan, and presented him to all hands. The big threshing outfit happened to be here & we pitched in & helped the gang, also helped Mamie with the dinner. Staid here all the p.m. Lincoln Morse is with the machine & wants me to visit him as soon as he quits the job. Took several photos.

Tony Monroe's home
[See the August 2000 view of this house in the Epilogue - Ed.]

Monroe family

Monday Sept 30

Helped Tony pick up rocks in the upper meadow all the A.M. an haul wood from Gildow’s in the p.m. Nice note from sister Egan asking me how long I intend remaining on the island. She wants me to play at a ball in Coupeville. Fine letter from Mrs. Phillips & a paper from Mr. Robinson. He doesn’t seem to forget me. Had quite a time getting in the bull tonight, “the son of a b -” Wrote note to Mrs. Egan.

Sister Egan letter

Wednesday Oct 30

Sawing firewood with Tony up in his woods. Quit at 3 and got ready for the big masquerade ball at Coupeville. Shaved, bathed, dressed & cleaned the cornet. Walked to Fuca where I put on my black suit. Rode over to C. with Fisher & family. Everything went off smoothly. Made $8.00. Sister cleared $12.00 & Will $15.00. The costumes were fine & Uncle Geo. was one of the judges. Quit playing at 3.00 A.M. Mr. Field is a fair violin player & a jolly fellow.

Masquerade ball newsclip

Monday Nov 11

Spent most of he A.M. with dear sister Egan. Took her picture in two poses in her room & hope they will come out good. She read my horoscope and we had a nice chat. It does me good to see her occasionally. She is a perfect comrade to me and knows how to draw me out. Came back with Tony, who went to the wharf with a crate of poultry. Fixed up the old ladies with water & wood & sawed some for Mamie. Neil has hauled all my poles now from Tony’s woods. Letters from Mr. R., and Ma. She will have to move again by the 1st of Dec. owing to the death of Mr. Paige with whom she was living at W. Medford. He was 84 yrs. old. Ma has had a rather trying time of it since going East.

Sister Egan at hotel

Sister Egan at desk

Thursday Nov 21

Split wood for both houses, cleaned out barn, lugged water, and filled the horse trough in the A.M. Practised, picked apples and milked in the P.M. This is a sample of my daily exciting, aesthetic and highly edifying life right now, when I ought to be working with brainy men and doing big things. What has gotten into me that I stay here and do these things. Surely, I am not satisfied and yet I do not make a break. Here’s a psychological problem. Put 1-1/2 hrs on the cornet. Will be in good trim for the 28th.

Juliet’s & Lou's birthday

Thursday Nov 28

At San de Fuca all day & staid at Lou’s. Mick & Lincoln left for Oak Harbor leaving me alone. Cleaned my cornet, blew a few tones, and shaved. Had a swell feed at Nell Benson’s. Chris, Sibbie, Madeline & Henrietta were guests also. Had a jolly time. Sibbie & I washed the dishes. Letter from Daisy. Will Tate wants to marry her. Left for Oak Harbor with the San de Fuca bunch on the Camano to play for the big M.W.A. dance and got along finely. Played seven hours continuously and about 80 dances. Big crowd on hand. Juliet was there but she was more than frigid & exclusive, so was her mother. One phase I am glad to be next to.

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