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[This Appendix contains Fred's entire diary from May 8 to December 31, 1907 when he lived and worked on Tony Monroe's ranch on Whidbey. The entries on the main 1907 page are repeated here so those seeking a sense of day to day life will not have to switch back and forth between pages. Anyone searching for a specific person, place or topic will be able to highlight all references by using the Search function (Fred didn't know his diary entries would someday be subject to such a possibility - he used mostly given names, varied spellings, abbreviations, etc - be creative!) - Ed.]

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Wednesday May 8

Arrived at San de F at about 7:30 & all were glad to see me back. Met Donald O'Leary on the boat & we had a pleasant trip together. Found a perfect stack of mail waiting for me.

Thursday May 9

Went into the woods with Capt. Dyer this A.M. & we split up a lot of big fir blocks. Had a good talk and planned to build a hotel if we make good at Alaska. Well, the idea is O.K. whether we put it thro or not & we had a lot of fun talking it over.

Friday May 10

Split some wood & then came down with a splitting headache for a change. Long letter from Ma. She has practically decided not to return East & may not come up here. Is sorry she let Carl go back East as things have turned out. Allie was taken sick as soon as he arrived there & it looks like spite to me. She is planning to have him come back & Daisy with him. Spent the p.m. with my old aunties & my head got so bad I had to stay all night. Tony came over & talked awhile. They are all wild to have Ma come up.

Saturday May 11

Am feeling O.K. this A.M. glad to say. Split up some wood for the old ladies and then hunted up Tony, who was hauling rails for a fence & pitched in and helped him until dinner time. Ate dinner with him & then came back to the Capt's. Put up my stretching machine in the shed and then cut the Capt's hair. Did a good job. Practised a little.

Sunday May 12

Went up to Henry Powers with the Capt. this A.M. and waited while he tinkered on Henry's pumping engine. Went to church with Nellie, Sibbie & Mrs. Barrington this p.m. Poor sermon but I enjoyed the service for all that. Went over to Aunt Kate's to have a clam chowder soon after the service & enjoyed in immensely. Staid quite late. Talked with Tony about going to work & he said I could get a job at the logging camp any time & I may try it.

Monday May 13

Am determined to get to work at something & make some money. Talked with the Capt. about it with the result that we will dig in now and try to sell some real estate that he has listed & will go to Seattle Wed. to get things started. Can't stand being idle any longer. Went up to Lou's this p.m. and split up a lot of wood for her and staid to supper. Quite a bunch came while I was there.

Tuesday May 14

Went over to Coupeville this A.M. with Charlie while he attended to some real estate matters. Came home on a small launch that he may take in exchange for some real estate. Saw Marshall over there and met quite a number of people. Coupeville is lively compared to this place. Went over to Tony's late this p.m. & helped him milk, also run his separator. Chatted with the old ladies and they told me a lot about Allie Wilson's ancestors.

Wednesday May 15

Gave up going to Seattle today owing to the very late arrival of the Fairhaven. Had letters from Ma, Sue and Philistine from Beth. Ma has decided to stay West & has sent for Daisy to come out this Fall and bring Carle. Sue says she would like to go to Alaska with me & I surely would like to have her. Went up to Lou's & met Aunt Mary. She was delighted to see me. Met a Mr. Gerow also, just out from Alaska. Wrote Ma a long letter & enclosed $10.00. Gave Nellie $5.00. She has been mighty good to me. Had supper at Lou's & then played whist.

Thursday May 16

Left for Seattle with Capt. at about 10 A.M. and arrived at about 6. Put in the time reading the Philistine, Oregon Trail & book on mining, also snoozing & talking with the Capt. but the time went slowly and we were glad when we reached the city. Put up at the Stevens and after supper went to the Grand and saw Lillian Russell in The Butterfly. Rather a flat show we thought & I was disappointed. Couldn't make out half what was said.

Friday May 17

At Seattle all day. Arose late and had a plate breakfast. Bought a developing outfit and paper so as to be able to do some work at San de Fuca. Called on Mr. Parker, Pres't. of Alaska Gold Stand. Mining Co. and represented myself as a capitalist, under Capt's. suggestion & spent over an hour with him. He wanted me to put $10,000. into the business and then go North and take full charge of affairs up there. It was quite an interesting experience for me. Went around with the Capt. on his calls. He met many of his old friends & hopes to do some real estate biz. with them later. Attended a vaudeville show & had a good laugh. Left for San de F. at 9 P.M.

Saturday May 18

Capt. and I arrived at San de Fica at about 10 A.M. Found letter from Mrs. Gardner, C.S. healer & postal from John. He started for the East last Wed. Put a number of straps together that I took out of a suit case at Seattle, fixed my little flesh brush & put on a new back. Practised a little. Spent a good deal of time taking naps, as I am feeling rather mean today. Split some wood.

Sunday May 19

Arose late this A.M. Am feeling much better but still have quite a cold. Sibbie came over and announced a picnic for this P.M. & I shall go. Church one Sunday & Picnic the next: ideal arrangement. Had a fine feed at the picnic and looked all over the grounds at Still's Park where it was held, in company with Uncle George, Charlie & Ned Earlywine, an old hunter. He promised to take me deer hunting soon. Eve. at home.

Monday May 20

Wrote letters all the A.M. and practised with Lou. Went over to Tony's and helped him load and unload a big bunch of hay for the logging camp. Never worked harder in my life and I made Tony hustle some too when I unloaded for him. Helped milk & staid all night at Tony's.

Tuesday May 21

Watched Bill Barlow shear sheep all the A.M. after helping corral them. He also cut off the tails of several young lambs and clipped their ears. I couldn't look at that job long. Came back here early in the p.m. and found letter from Ma. She wrote from San Diego & was on her way to Mexico with Grace.

Wednesday May 22

At home all day. Practising, making a ruby light and doing a lot of typewriting for Charlie.

Thursday May 23

Am down with a severe cold again and feel bum accordingly. Can't imagine why I should be so afflicted at this time. At home all day reading, Oregon Trail & Science & Health. Played 3 solos at the Opera House this eve. to help out the San de Fuca Dramatic Club & had great success tho I did not feel much like playing. All my friends & relatives were there except Aunt Kate & Juliet. Played Palm Branches, Violets & Oh Promise Me. Would have played Magnolia Serenade if I had felt better. Long letter from Ma.

Friday May 24

Am feeling worse, if anything, today. Have a sharp pain in my chest & quite a cough. Shall not play at Coupeville tonight on acct. of it. Reading & snoozing all day.

Saturday May 25

Went into the woods and did a lot of sawing with the Capt. He gave me a number of pointers on sawing and so made the work much easier. It is just a case of pull & let the weight of the saw do the work: this with a two man saw.

Sunday May 26

In the woods nearly all day with Capt. Dyer sawing stove wood. It was hot & hard work & the mosquitos were more than numerous. Had lunch on the ground & it tasted good. The tree fell right across the raodway & we had to work hard to saw it up and thus open the passage. Took a good sponge bath afterwards & spent eve. at home.

Monday May 27

Lou, Nellie, York & I all left on the Camano this A.M. at about 7 for the ranch at Oak Harbor where we arrived at about 8. All delighted to see us. Met Uncle Geo's other son Lincoln, a big red headed bruiser just arrived from Alberta B.C. Had a feast of clams, then one of music. Dr. McKee came over this eve. & we played for him. The boys caught a lot of sheep this A.M. & it was great sport to watch them. The old sheep would run & jump like deer.

Tuesday May 28

Helped Marshall & Tom this A.M. while they packed wool. Lincoln & his family, Lou, Nellie and York all left the ranch today & Morris & I are the only ones left out of a bunch of 14. Seems very quiet. Had a long chat with Uncle George about his early days in Bunganuc. He seemed to enjoy talking about it.

Wednesday May 29

Arose quite late this A.M. Am badly bitten by fleas and didnít sleep very well last night. Juliet OíLeary came down to the ranch this A.M. & I was delighted to see her. She has grown very pretty and womanly since I saw her in 1905. Her face is almost a duplicate of my old friendís Mary Price. With her were her two uncles Judge Zent & his brother. We all went over to Coupeville this P.M. to see the launching of the new steamer Whidby, to attend the high school graduation exercises & the dance given by the Steamer owners. Had a glorious time. Danced nearly all the dances & it seemed like the good old times.

Memorial Day

Thursday May 30

Arose at 6.30 and did a good sized wash while everybody else was asleep. Round the house all day waiting in hopes the Capt. would take to the woods and cut some poles as he spoke of doing last night. But we did nothing of the sort and I chafed all day at the inaction. Will be glad I am busily employed again. Wonder what my friends are doing back East today.

Friday May 31

Wrote several letters today: to Mr. Puffer, Ed. Fillebrowne and Carle. Around the house all day. Went up to Lou's & spent the night.

Saturday June 1

At Lou's all day. Painted her kitchen roof and arranged the gutter so as to catch all the rain water from both roofs. Read most of the time after finishing the work. Am reading Dr. Luke of Labrador Coast. Don't care much for it. Staid at Lou's tonight. Nellie & Sibbie came up & we had a social toddy all round.

Sunday June 2

Arose at about 9 A.M. and went down to Nellie's to clean my teeth after which I went back to Lou's for breakfast. We all went over to Still's Park in the P.M. to see the crowds from Everett & Mt. Vernon. It was a bum looking lot & the music they had for dancing was horrid. Came home in Benson's sloop. Spent eve. and night at Lou's. We went over to Mrs. Benson's to play a few pieces & while there met Mr. & Mrs. Watson & Miss Shortnay. Planned for a sail tomorrow.

Saw a bull walking up the street in front of Lou's & roaring like a good one.

Monday June 3

Arose at about 8, built a fire and made some cocoa to stay my hunger till Lou got up. Practised about an hour and then went for a sail with Mrs. Benson, Mr. & Mrs. Watson, Miss Shortnay & Mr. Williams. Went ashore about Tony's & had a swell lunch. Took a short walk during which I ran across two young fish hawks or eagles; killed one as its leg was broken & took the other with me. Coming back I had a long jump down a bank & got covered with dust. It was about a 12 ft. descent. Had a long and somewhat tedious sail home. I did most of the steering. Seemed like old times.

Tuesday June 4

Went into the woods with Capt. to saw stove wood, after calling at Dan Earlywine's pole camp to get some pointers, but did not saw long, as the saw needed setting and the Capt. made it worse than ever in trying to fix it with an axe. Came home at 4 and wrote a long letter to Ma & Charlie Luther. Sent Ma my real estate contract, as I can not get a word out of Sydnor. Benson's sloop went adrift & Charlie & I went after her and brought her back after having quite a pull and a bit of excitement. Went up to Lou's to spend the night & put in an hour on the cornet. Letter from Mr. Pinkham. He has decided not to come North on a/c of the sacrifice he would have to make.

Wednesday June 5

The little bird I captured Monday is dead & I am sorry. In the woods nearly all day with Charlie sawing up stove wood. The mosquitos bothered us fearfully in spite of the smudge we made. Sent letters to Charlie Luther & Ma, and wrote a long letter to Charlie Brown. Went up to Lou's & spent the night. Practised a few minutes, tho I did not feel much like it. Lips are dry. Mrs. Nunan is at Lou's.

Thursday June 6

Arose at 8.30. Lugged water & brought in wood for the day. Phoned Uncle Geo. in regard to getting a job with Joe Snow in case he saw him on his proposed visit to Olympia. Did some washing. Sent letters to Charlie Brown & Patrick.

Friday June 7

Went over to get a spud from Mr. Neal and rode along with Marshall Morse whom I overtook. He was driving the stallion. Had dinner at Tony's then got the spud & came back and started to grind it. Long letter from Floss who is now at Free Union, Va. with Gene at the mine, & at last is very happy. Am glad for her. Says she will never go back to Brookline & be under Stella's thumb again. Ruth is with her. Our family is now pretty much scattered.

Saturday June 8

At home all the A.M. grinding my "spud"and an axe for work in the woods cutting poles. Mr. Watson came over to see me with a proposition about going to work for the Seattle Realty Associates selling certificates. Told him Iíd think it over & let him know. He is doing well at it. Letter from Mr. Hudson enclosing $10.00 for the wheel. In the woods all the p.m. cutting & spudding poles. Got pretty tired but stood it better than I thought. Had a good sponge bath and change of clothes as soon as I reached home.

Sunday June 9

Arose at 9 and felt O.K. except for a little lameness on my hands from spudding and chopping. Did a good sized wash. At home most all day not doing anything special.

Monday June 10

Started in in earnest in the pole business this A.M. with Charlie & York and got along pretty well. It will take quite a lot of time to get used to it but Iters from Dr. Sproule, Mother, Mrs. Gardner, & Charlie Newcomb. Charlie says Bert Lyman has lost his left arm below the elbow. Daise has had trouble with Mrs. Spiers so Ma says, & intends to come West. Called on Lou a few minutes this eve.

Wednesday June 12

In the woods all day with Charlie & York and we all got pretty tired, but it is doing me good all the same and I shall stay with it until I get enough to pay for my lot at Pasadena. Letters from Sydnor, Mother & Carl. Sydnor may soon come to Seattle. Carl is now boarding with Mrs. Middleton on Cedar St. W. Somerville. Perce hinted that he had better get another place.

Thursday June 13

Charlie and York decided to stay at home today so I went to the woods alone and put in a whole day chopping and spudding and made about $2.20: not bad for a green horn, but darn poor for an expert, which I ain't. No mail tonight. Turned in early.

Friday June 14

In the woods all day, spudding and feeling pretty well used up, but will be tough enough in another week or so, and will average up with the best of them after a while. Letter from Sydnor enclosing bill for $24.00 against Beth's lot on acct. of sewer. Practised a few minutes and then turned in. Mrs. Egan was here to see me about playing next Friday but I was in the woods.

Saturday June 15

Am at home today taking it easy on acct. of my right arm which feels almost paralyzed. Have worked too hard at the start. Went up to Lou's to spend the night.

Sunday June 16

Arose at about 9. Went down to Nellieís after breakfast and wrote letters until late in the p.m. Big crowd at dinner & a jolly time we had.

Monday June 17

Got along all right today after my rest Sat. & Sun. Was alone all day.

Tuesday June 18

In the woods all the P.M. Went to Coupeville this A.M., got a hair cut, deposited $150 in the Bank of Commerce, bought a pr. of underdrawers, some rose water & glycerine & then started for home. Looked over the timber where Hill Barrington is working & decided it was good enough for me. Sent Mother $60 to pay balance on my lot & get that matter off my mind. Sent letters to Ma, Sydnor, Floss. Letters from Beth, "Col" Warren & Mr. Putnam.

Wednesday June 19

Young Eddie Fisher went with me to the woods today & kept me company off & on all day. Did over 400 ft. Practised & snoozed upon reaching home. Had a long walk with Nellie about Charlie.

Thursday June 20

In the woods again all day and alone. Had a great time with my thoughts thinking over old times etc. Charlie & Yorke came home tonight from Seattle, where Charlie has been as a witness in the Camano case.

Friday June 21

In the woods all day alone. Did 400 feet. Am getting to be an expert with the axe. Gyp. went all the way up with me but did not stay. Quit at 6. Met Chris Bos on the way back & had a chat about going to work in a new section. I guess Charlie has quit for good on acct. of his back. No mail.

Saturday June 22

Had a late breakfast at Lou's & then came back here and wrote letters nearly all day. Wrote to Carle, Mr. Puffer, Mr. Parker, Pres. of Alaska Gold Stand. Mining Co. in re to transferring my stock on the books; Mr. Robinson, and Patrick. Cleaned & pressed a lot of clothes & hats and did a good job. Went down to the boat & saw Uncle George & Aunt Mary, just home from Seattle where they have been to attend the Pioneers' convention. Am off for Aunt Kate's tonight.

Sunday June 23

At Aunt Kate's all the A.M. & at Charlie Mitchell's all the p.m. where Tony, Mamie, Mrs. Bantz & I went to dine. Had a fine time & a swell dinner. Charlie showed us over his ranch & his engine on the beach. Came back to Aunt Kate's. Helped Tony with the milking.

Monday June 24

No work today. Went thro Tony's wood lot & saw nothing better than I have at Henry Power's but Mr. Neal took me to a fairly good place that I overlooked & I decided to start in there. Went after my tools with Gypsy & packed a number of things I need. Had a jolly supper with Lou. Kissed her & Eileen good bye. Charlie started off tonight to Seattle to hunt a job. He seemed very cool toward me. Am glad to get away from him.

Tuesday June 25

This has been the hottest day yet & I sweat profusely: the perspiration just streamed off me equal to a Turkish bath. Had dinner at Tony's but will eat in the woods hereafter to save time & a long walk. Some one sent me a magazine & I imagine it was Beth. Turned in early.

Wednesday June 26

Did over a hundred feet better today than yesterday. Got very tired along about 6 p.m. & quit. Can go bare headed all day & Iíll have a head of hair yet. There are plenty of flies & mosquitos, but they donít light much. Belt came apart & mended it tonight.

Thursday June 27

In the woods all day. Getting on O.K. now. Have been asked to play at the 4th of July dance at Coupeville. Hill Barrington & Mrs. Egan are getting it up.

Friday June 28

Resting today. All in. Wrote Mr. Hudson & Daisy. She wants to come out here, but I want her to feel more sure of her desire. Mother is after me to go housekeeping again, "but not for me." Is trying to put the whole thing on me to decide, about she & Daisy joining me, etc. but they must decide for themselves & I will help in money matters.

Saturday June 29

Put in a hard morning's work in the woods & a part of the p.m. Quit at 4 and went down to the village after fixing up. Stopped at Lou's where I found Uncle Geo. & Aunt Mary. Printed a few pictures for Lou, but had poor results: wrong kind of developer. Letter from Ma.

Sunday June 30

Went on a picnic at West Beach today & had a swell time. Was there 2 years ago. Fine feed. Played with Mrs. Egan at the hotel & we had a regular concert. Quite a bunch on hand to hear us. Wrote to Mother & Charlie Brown.