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Sunday Nov 3

At the ranch all day, reading, writing, bathing, shaving, etc.

Monday Nov 4

Worked in the mangle patch this A.M. with Tony. He went to O.H. this p.m. with a veal, while I staid here and looked after things. Wrote to Hancock Bros. & Co. declining to work for them on commission, started letter to Floss & wrote Sydnor to hurry up my deed. Letter from Perce enclosing some pictures I took at W. Beach etc.

Tuesday Nov 5

Sent letters via Ava. Working on the mangles all day. Nice letter from Susie.

Wednesday Nov 6

Drove the girls to school, called on Nellie to deliver some butter, met Steve at the store & later called at the house. Saw sister Egan at Nell Benson’s & got a good hug. No dance Friday eve. Steve bought one of Grandma Benson’s ponies & came back with me to look for it alongside the road. Drove him as far as Hulty’s. Worked on mangles all p.m.

Thursday Nov 7

Finished the mangle patch this p.m. & we are glad the job is done. Nothing at all to write about. Am just existing like most of the islanders.

Friday Nov 8

Working with Tony all day picking apples. Long letter from Beth. She said Fred Robinson leaves the old B.M.M.F.I. Co. to join a new ins. co. on Tremont St., Francis & Ed Lucid have been fired or soon to be, and Ed.F. as unhappy as can be on acct. of Seward’s tyranny. Damn him anyway! Beth’s letters contain a rather decided spirit of criticism lately.

Saturday Nov 9

Worked with Tony all the A.M. sorting apples and pears & packing them. Went down to San de Fuca this eve. and played at a jolly little party in the hall with sister Egan. Had a fine time and let myself out a bit for a change. Got Chris. Fisher & sister laughing good, also a few others. The collection gave sister $2.35 & me $2.25. I didn’t expect anything. Danced once only & that with Lou. After the thing was over sister & I went up to her room & had a good hot drink & a nice talk for half an hour or so. Tony & I made a lot of cider this p.m. Put up at Lou’s.

Sunday Nov 10

At San de Fuca all day. Arose late. Uncle Geo. came over & said Mrs. Egan & I were expected tp play at the opening of the new W.O.W. hall at O. Harbour on the 28th. Went over this eve. & told her about it and came right back to Lou’s. Spent eve. & a good part of the day reading life of Custer. Took picture of Uncle Geo Steve, Lou & baby in a group.

Monday Nov 11

Spent most of he A.M. with dear sister Egan. Took her picture in two poses in her room & hope they will come out good. She read my horoscope and we had a nice chat. It does me good to see her occasionally. She is a perfect comrade to me and knows how to draw me out. Came back with Tony, who went to the wharf with a crate of poultry. Fixed up the old ladies with water & wood & sawed some for Mamie. Neil has hauled all my poles now from Tony’s woods. Lettters from Mr. R., and Ma. She will have to move again by the 1st of Dec. owing to the death of Mr. Paige with whom she was living at W. Medford. He was 84 yrs. old. Ma has had a rather trying time of it since going East.

Tuesday Nov 12

In the woods with Tony cutting up a big fir for fire wood. Tony showed me a tree that had been split by an indian years ago to see if his wish would come true. If such a tree grows the wish is an assured thing. I wonder what this old buck’s was?

Wednesday Nov 13

Cleaned out barn, and helped Tony catch Blackiston’s 7 sheep that have been pasturing with his. Shaved this noon. Finished “The Brass Bowl” this eve. Very unusual & interesting story. Loaned me by sister Egan.

Thursday Nov 14

Picked apples mostly today and did chores around the houses. Bert Arnold brought me a bottle of Sages Catarrh Cure as ordered. Hope it will help me. Got it on acct. of my ear. Postal from Ma saying she will look up the Patrick affair and see what she can do.

Friday Nov 15

Cleaned out barn and had Doris for company. Says she loves me today. Split wood for both houses. Tony plowing all the A.M. Helped him cover mangle and potato pits this p.m. Mighty hard work. Read Hygiene this eve. Souvenir postal from Charlie Luther at Augusta, Maine. He’s on a hunting trip & I thot he was in Pasadena.

Saturday Nov 16

Worked around the house doing odd jobs mostly, picking apples, etc. Went down to San de Fuca with Tony & Mamie to attend a recital by Miss. Burt, elocutionist, and to play for the dance afterwards. Played “America” with Mrs. Egan & Madeline Fisher. Had a jolly time. Took in $2.00. Staid at Lou’s all night. Sadie was there. She has just come from Oregon with Aunt Mary & the boys.

Sunday Nov 17

At San de Fuca all day. Marshall came over and made plans with Mrs. Egan and me in regard to the dance at Oak Harbor on the 28th. Spent most of the p.m. and eve. with sister and we had a fine confidential heart to heart talk. She surely is a good woman and a fine friend to me. Slept at Lou’s all alone as everybody has gone to Uncle George’s. Practised a little at the hotel. Uncle George & Steve told some interesting stories of their sea faring days. Sadie praised my playing so that it nearly took me off my feet. Said everybody was talking about it. Made me feel kind of good ye know.

Postal from Ma & short letter from Beth.

Monday Nov 18

Arose at about 9, went to Sam Benson’s for the promised mess of smelts; took them to the hotel where I cleaned and sister cooked them, then we sat down to a jolly breakfast. Spent most of the day at Lou’s reading, practising etc. Made a fire and washed the dishes. Steve & Lou came back this p.m. & were glad I was there to have a fire for them as they had a cold drive from Oak Harbor. Staid all night. Am reading Margaret Bowlby loaned by sister. Have loaned her Ramona. It blew fearfully all night.

Isabelle married tonight to a Mr. Belasque.

Tuesday Nov 19

Didn’t sleep much on acct. of the high wind and the house rocking so. Had a fine breakfast. It rained hard as I was about to set out for the ranch & so I staid the balance of the day. Read, sent money order to Salisbury for my share of death benefit, sent a roll of films to Perce together with postal, and wrote postal to mother in regard to Patrick. Took picture of Eileen and one of Steve, Lou, baby & the house. Called on Nellie a few minutes. Had a corking supper of chicken, lobster, scouse, potatoes, squash, etc. Bought Lou a bread mixer for birthday present & left a dollar for baby’s bank.

Wednesday Nov 20

At the ranch again. Cleaned out barn, pumped trough, fixed the threshold between cupboard & kitchen in the old ladies’ house so Aunt Juliet could roll her chair over it O.K. Picked apples this p.m. and hurt my left shin in slipping off the ladder. God, how it hurt and how I cussed for a while! Took the skin off. Did a good sized wash also. Minnie Bos made us a short call. Aunts Sarah & Kate went to Oak Harbor.

Thursday Nov 21

Split wood for both houses, cleaned out barn, lugged water, and filled the horse trough in the A.M. Practised, picked apples and milked in the P.M. This is a sample of my daily exciting, aesthetic and highly edifying life right now, when I ought to be working with brainy men and doing big things. What has gotten into me that I stay here and do these things. Surely, I am not satisfied and yet I do not make a break. Here’s a psychological problem. Put 1-1/2 hrs on the cornet. Will be in good trim for the 28th.

Friday Nov 22

Rose at 10. Went down to San de Fuca with Tony to get some seed wheat from Armstrong & fan it. I did the fanning. After dinner cleaned the barn, split wood, fixed roof at old lady’s house & nearly fell of coming down on acct. of ladder slipping. Drove sheep out of field & put up a gate. Was going to Coupeville by row boat, but Tony called it off, on a/c of wind. Found Frank Gildow’s jacket near fence & brot it down to the barn. Helped milk & separate as usual. Rained hard last night.

Saturday Nov 23

Was rather late in rising this A.M. and Aunt Sarah spanked me for it. Shoveled wheat for Tony, cleaned out barn (aesthetic job) made 13 apple boxes all before dinner after which I helped mend a fence where the sheep had broken thro in the upper field, and helped repair the big pig pen. It has blown like H- all day, and rained off and on: mostly on.

Sunday Nov 24

Shaved, made a few boxes, and finished reading Margaret Bowlby this A.M. Wrote letters all the P.M. Wrote Am. Wal. Watch Co. in re to making lady’s watch upside down, Floss, Ed. F., Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Sydnor. The latter to find out about Mr. S. who should have written me long ago. Gave the cornet a much needed rest today.

Monday Nov 25

Took me a long time to clean out barn this A.M. as there was 2 day’s accumulation. Cussed job! Fixed some locks in the old ladies’ home. Worked in the woods most of the p.m. with Tony sawing firewood. Postal from Sydnor saying that “She was married on the 19th” meaning my Pasadena sweetheart Isabelle. Married a Greaser unless she has made a change since Lew Greely wrote me.

Tuesday Nov 26

Cleaned barn, trimmed 2 rose bushes this A.M. Sawed wood all the p.m. with Tony up in his woods. Nellie Dyer is at Mamie’s today sewing. Letter from Sydnor and a comical one at that, Damn him any way! Helped Tony catch some hens tonight to sell. Made a few preparations for going to Oak Harbor Thursday. Shall send my suit case over tomorrow by Lincoln.

Wednesday Nov 27

Did the usual chores. Shaved and bathed this p.m. and went down to San de Fuca with the idea of rehearsing at the hotel for tomorrow, but Mr. Field did not show up so we talked & read instead. Had a delightful dinner given by Mrs. Egan in honor of husband lately arrived from Idaho. Had a long talk wth him about his life there. It certainly looks like a hard one to me tho he does not seem to think so. Put up at Lou’s. Visit to O.H. postponed on acct. of Aunt Mary’s sickness.

Juliet's & Lou’s birthday

Thursday Nov 28

At San de Fuca all day & staid at Lou’s. Mick & Lincoln left for Oak Harbor leaving me alone. Cleaned my cornet, blew a few tones, and shaved. Had a swell feed at Nell Benson’s. Chris, Sibbie, Madeline & Henrietta were guests also. Had a jolly time. Sibbie & I washed the dishes. Letter from Daisy. Will Tate wants to marry her. Left for Oak Harbor with the San de Fuca bunch on the Camano to play for the big M.W.A. dance and got along finely. Played seven hours continuously and about 80 dances. Big crowd on hand. Juliet was there but she was more than frigid & exclusive, so was her mother. One phase I am glad to be next to.

Friday Nov 29

The Camano landed us at San de Fuca at about 5.30 A.M. & I took to the bed at 6. Arose again at about 10 feeling pretty good. Was all alone in the house (Lou’s) until late this p.m. when Steve and Lou came back from Oak Harbor. Spent eve. & had supper at Nellie’s but came back to Lou’s to sleep, promising to stay with her tomorrow eve.

Saturday Nov 30

At San de Fuca all day and staid at Lou’s. Had a jolly time. Played at a delightful little dance at the hall this eve. given in Mr. Egan’s honor. Tony & Mamie came down & brought the girls. Mr. Field played with us and we did well. Made $2.75 as my share of the collection. Danced a few times, also turned myself loose & had some fun at the end of the dance. Sister wanted to dance with me so Nell B. & Mrs. Field played Home Sweet Home for us.

Sunday Dec 1

At San de Fuca all day. Staid at Nellie’s. Went up to invite Lou and Steve down & they finally decided to go. Had a fine dinner of chicken. Chris Fisher was on hand also and looked after me as usual. Mr. Field tuned Nellie’s piano today & did a good job.

Monday Dec 2

Arose quite early. Helped Nellie wash the dishes. Had a fine talk with Nell Benson about renting some land of Henry Power & living with him She favors the idea & advised me strongly to see what I could do. I want to put in a few acres of celery or some such crop & see what I can make out of it. Came back to the ranch this noon & dived into the work again. All seemed glad to see me back again. Saw Mr. & Mrs. Egan off for Seattle this A.M.& helped carry their luggage.

Tuesday Dec 3

Making cider most all day. Did the usual chores. Began The Grey Cloak” loaned me by Nell Benson. Read one chapter out loud to the old ladies.

Wednesday Dec 4

Fixed the gate near the back door of the old ladies’ house so that it would latch itself, split wood, shaved.

Thursday Dec 5

Cleaned out the barn and helped Tony put away his harrow. We then went into the woods and cut fire wood. Worked A.M. & P.M. Box of penuche from Beth and letters from Ma & John Hull. Ma says “Marie Shibley has sent her husband back home bag and baggage.” I wonder why. John wants me to visit him right away. Says the Wright girls are anxious to see me again & have a girl friend with a wealthy father for me to meet. Will have to wait awhile.

Friday Dec 6

Went down to San de Fuca to do some errands for Tony & Mamie and took the kids along to school. While at the store I wrote postals to Perce, Mother, & John Hull. Want Perce to send me my punching bag. Called on Nellie & Lou a few minutes. Eileen has lately had a bad spasm and scared Lou & Steve very badly. Worked in the woods all the p.m. with Tony. Couldn’t help thinking about sister agreeing to play for Frank Hastie on Xmas after she declared she never would again, and telling Sibbie she could not serve on Xmas com. as she was going to be away. She certainly is very changeable & unreliable.

Saturday Dec 7

Went to Coupeville with Tony this A.M. and had my boot fixed where the saw fell on it, bought some magnesia, catarrh medicine & drew some money for Tony, also bought a bottle of gutta percha solution for mending leather. Worked around the house all the p.m. as we were late in getting back. Went down to the hall this eve. to Liberal League Meeting and while they were playing cards I went over to Lou’s and had Mick cut my hair. Doc. McKee came in while I was there & I spoke about my ear. Went back to the hall, ate a small lunch & danced awhile. Had a jolly time.

Sunday Dec 8

At Tony’s all day long, reading, fooling with the girls, eating, snoozing, etc. Helped milk and separate as usual. Have enjoyed myself today. Forgot to say that I fixed the old ladies’ big gate & cleaned up the work shop. Lillian & Doris came over & kept me company.

Monday Dec 9

In the woods most all day with Tony getting out fire wood for the old ladies. Practised a little this eve. just before supper.

Tuesday Dec 10

Cleaned out barn & then went in to the woods with Tony & brot out two loads of fire wood. Repaired a fence this P.M. Practised a little & read all the eve.

Wednesday Dec 11

Hauling manure most all day. Dirty, stinking, wet job. Sadie and Ida came this A.M. to visit the old ladies and staid all night on acct. of the rain. Ava and Lillian did not come home for the same reason.

Thursday Dec 12

Hauling manure all day. Sadie and Ida went home this A.M. and took the calf Tony killed yesterday. A cheery note from sister, postal from Mr. Putnam asking why in __ I hadn’t written. Read all the eve.

Friday Dec 13

Tony and I were hauling manure all day & got out 5 loads, which seems to be our limit the days are so short. Practised and read this eve. Must have some dentistry work done mighty soon.

Saturday Dec 14

We are having very dark mornings & this is especially so. Was going to breakfast with Tony but was too late. They ate ahead of time this A.M., so came back and ate with the old ladies. Tony & I constructed a pair of bars in the brush fence on the west side of the ranch this A.M. He and the rest of the family went to O.H. this P.M. and I staid at home & wrote letters to Beth and John Hull. Had a dandy sponge bath in the warm kitchen tonight. My old friend Mamie Rogers was married today, she is now Mrs. Dr. Fred’k. Ward Webber.

Sunday Dec 15

Cleaned out barn, shaved and cleaned my cornet this A.M. Had a jolly dinner at Tony’s, where he had Joe and Nettie as guests. Went up to the city and spent the balance of the p.m. and eve. with sister Egan. Tied up a lot of Xmas bundles for her. Tried over a few pieces among them “General Mixup, U.S.A.” an old Pasadena favorite that I use to play at Raymond Austin’s home, where I had so many good times. We had a clam supper at 10 P.M. and after chatting a while went to bed at the hotel.

Mother writes that Daisy is engaged to Will Tate- marry in June.

Monday Dec 16

Arose at about 9 & had a nice breakfast with sister: cooked by herself. Heard from Mick that Mr. Field said to friends of mine here that I did not know the first rudiments of cornet playing, but could not verify it. Mick was more than mad about it & Sibbie does not believe he said it. However I shall ask him about it to his face & soon for he wants me on a job New Years. Bought gloves, soap, candy, mailed letters. got my band, camp & bike stockings at Nellie’s & came back to the ranch. Had a fine clam dinner with Mick & Mike, the latter Steve’s brother. Read “Eben Holden” to the old ladies this eve.

Tuesday Dec 17

Hauled manure all the A.M. Tony & I made a gate of bars on the west side of the ranch while Neil hauled out poles.

Wednesday Dec 18

Hauling manure all day. Letters from Mrs. Staples & Mrs. Puffer. Staples is located at Claremont, Cal. as professor in the violin dept. of Pomona College, and doing finely. Am mighty glad for him. Am reading Eben Holden & enjoying it very much. The old ladies are reading it also.

Thursday Dec 19

Started to haul manure but the rain made us quit after one load. Sorted spuds instead.

Friday Dec 20

Hauled manure all A.M. 32 loads so far. My feet get mighty cold on the bottom tho I am wearing two pairs of stockings.

Saturday Dec 21

Tony & I did nothing special today. Just fooled around. Put up a horizontal bar at the shop to exercise on and lamed my stomach muscles right at the start. Went down to Fuca this A.M. to do errands. Bought Mamie and the old ladies each a Standard Oil Lamp for Xmas, and a few books for Doris. Called on Lou & sister a few minutes. Sister has decided not to play at Stanwood. Long letter from Perce and wedding announcement from Mamie Rogers.

Sunday Dec 22

At the ranch all day and reading most of the time. Finished “Eben Holden” & started “Letters from a self made Merchant to his Son.” Time passed slowly today.

Monday Dec 23

Arose at 6.20 & built the fire. What’s going to happen I wonder. Spent time up to breakfast in writing to Daise, Mamie Webber nee Rogers, Mrs. Staples and Ma. Tony & I didn’t do any thing special today. Made a few boxes for apples.

Rec’d a pretty white tie from Ma & stockings from Daise, also a little elephant..

Tuesday Dec 24

Arose at 6 intending to go to Fuca with the mail, but Mamie was called away at 1 A.M. on acct. of her mother’s illness and I didn’t go. Helped milk instead. Tony & I made cider nearly all day & it is fine. We all went down to the Xmas tree at the hall this eve. & had a jolly time. There was speaking & singing by the young people & everybody landed a present. I corralled a pretty hat brush from sister and a silk hand’k, 2 bottles of face cream, a Teddy Roosevelt doll with a bear behind (from Nell Benson I learned later) from unknown sources. Nellie Dyer dreamed that Mrs. E. was divorced & I married her.

Wednesday Dec 25

At the ranch all day reading, doing the chores & enjoying myself. Tony & family went over to Coupeville to spend the day & I made myself at home with a good fire in the fire place. It rained fearfully hard at times and I was glad to be inside. Fed the pigs and put in the cattle. Shaved off my mustache this A.M. & shall keep it off tho I look rather odd without it.

Thursday Dec 26

Arose at 6.30 & built the fire. Working on apples all day and it was a nasty, soupy mess but the old ladies & I had a good deal of fun out of it.

Friday Dec 27

Tony and I took the apples, 35 boxes, to Fuca this A.M. While there got a present from Charlie L. a wine glass, and a picture from Grace Fillebrowne - an indian in a canoe calling moose. Brought my trunk to the ranch.

Saturday Dec 28

Arose early and built fire. Cleaned out barn & then went into the woods with Tony. Sawed till dinner time. Spent p.m. splitting wood, writing letters of acknowledgement & fooling with the kids. Practised, read & bathed this eve.

Sunday Dec 29

Built fire this A.M. We all (Tony’s family) went up to Nettie Arnold’s this A.M. to take dinner & had a swell feed and a jolly time. Had a good smoke after the spread. Came home early & did the usual chores.

Monday Dec 30

Made a cedar tray for my trunk this A.M. In the woods with Tony all p.m. Felled a dandy big fir. We saw 2 pheasants on way home. Got gun & went after them, but they had flown. Would have been safe enough anyhow. Nellie Dyer is here tonight to do some sewing for Mamie. Read & smoked all eve.

Tuesday Dec 31

Arose at 8 and then beat the old ladies. Built the fire & cleaned out barn before breakfast.

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