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1913 Diary Cover1914 Diary Cover
[There are no entries or photos concerning Whidbey on this page. Fredís diaries are very spotty for this period. There are none at all for 1915 to 1918 - the few entries that do exist for these years are written in other volumes. Perhaps this is due to shortages caused by WWI, or his marriage in 1913 and the birth of a son 3 years later may have changed his habits. This page provides narrative continuity and background for events discussed in the 1920 and 1921 entries when he was again living in Bellingham and visiting Whidbey. - Ed.]
Friday, Feb. 28, 1913

Quit Schroeder today forever, but on good terms. He says if I ever need help to come to him. Got all my tools and squared up with him. This means that I am going to something better.

[added later, and scribbled over - Ed.]

But I was not. Schroeder tried hard to get me to change my mind as to marrying M. as he made up his mind long ago that she has a disagreeable temper and he was right. Well, so have I.

Engagement Announce

Tuesday, Mar. 18, 1913

Took a long walk this a.m. to work off my nervousness. Margie and I were married this eve. at 8 P.M. by Rev. J.S. Blue in the presence of about 40 friends. We had many beautiful and useful gifts, and everybody had a good time. Somebody filled the bed with corn meal and took down the shades. At Bellingham some old friends had a mock ceremony in our honor & at home they drank to our health.

Wedding Announce

Monday, January 31, 1916

Margie began to have to real thing in pains this A.M. so at the Dr's advice I took her down to the hospital again at 11 A.M. and at 4 P.M. she was taken to the delivery room. At just 10.35 the baby was born, a fine boy perfect in every way and his name is Lindsey Foster Adams. Lindsey is for my old chum Lindsey K. Foster of Boston Mass. one of the finest fellows I ever knew, and Foster is for Mother's father, Timothy Foster Bradley. Margie suffered a great deal & I felt so sorry that I could not keep back the tears. I was with her until it was all over.

Adams Family of 3

[following composed 9/1920, written in diary for 1913 - Ed.]

After coming back from Seattle I started in to go to Business College (Pott's) taking up shorthand, touch typewriting, composition, spelling, etc.
While going there I had a chance to go to work for Everard the Jeweler, as salesman & clock repair man, where I staid a little over a year.
I quit Everard & started in to do war work in the Ordnance Dept. at the Carnegie Observatory on Santa Barbara St. Oct. 7 - 1918.
I regret greatly that this work could not have lasted. Mr. Richey used all the influence he had at Washington & made a special trip there in an effort to keep the plant in operation, but the powers that be considered Pasadena too far away for the purpose, tho fully admitting that we did the best work of all the plants engaged in this work.
Our finished product consisted of prisms for use on the big guns, range finders, reticules & lenses of various kinds and all had to be absolutely perfect.
I rode back and forth to work on my bike & every noon rode down and had lunch with mother at 365 W. Euclid Ave., where we had many jolly times indeed. She came out to visit me in Sept. 1918 and lived with us at 291 Grant St. but Margie made it so unpleasant for her that she could not stand it and finally found this place & engaged it. I will not attempt to describe my feelings, but M. will have that to answer for some day.
Mother & I had many fine trips together after I left the plant & until John sent for me to come back & work for him which was about the most unexpected thing that could have happened to me and gave me much joy, but not Margie who was dead set against my leaving Southern Calif. for selfish reasons as it showed later, but nothing could stop me for I looked upon it as a chance in a life time and grabbed it like a drowning man grabbing for any kind of a hand hold & so far have never been sorry.

1919-20 Diary Cover
Wed Apr. 23, 1919
Started in to work for John today at the same old stand 115 W. Holly St. and I feel like thanking God every minute that I am back again where I belong. Am meeting old friends all the time and all seem glad to see me back. Am living with John at 1020 High St. but am looking for a place to rent and get ready for M & Lindsey.

Sat - May 17 - 19
Played for Morrison at Moose Hall again and got along O.K. Yorke Dyer was there in his naval uniform and made a swell appearance. He is to go East shortly and enter the service. Will look Carle up.

Fri. May 30 - 19
Margie & Lindsey arrived this noon and I was glad to see them and especially my baby boy. John & I met them at the G.W. with his Sedan & took them for a short ride, but M. was not glad to be here and took no interest in anything. Spent a good part of the P.M. weeping with homesickness and I am afraid things are not going to run smoothly. Could not be with M. & L. much this P.M. as I was playing with the band. M. did not like the house I had rented on Maple St. and would not stay in it. She found bed bugs in one of the bedrooms. We finally found a room at 1004 High St. for the night. Played at a big Memorial Dance at the Armory & made $6.00.

Sat. May 31 - 19
Margie hustled around and finally located a small bungalow at 1008 Laurel St. and we moved our stuff this P.M. & got pretty well settled. Only cost us a dollar to move. There are 4 rooms & fairly well furnished: best we can do for the present anyhow. Good healthy place for Lindsey, bless his little heart. He surely is a fine & handsome little chap and his daddy sure does love him. Played for a dance at Ferndale this eve & made $7.00.

Thursday, Sept. 11, 1919
Margie & Lindsey left for the South at 12.30 pm, and I hardly knew how to feel about it. M. wept bitterly at the parting and surely wants me to join her in a few weeks. Only God knows how I hated to have Lindsey go and only He knows when I will see my little pal again. Was terribly lonesome at the bungalow tonight and could hardly stand it. Everytime I looked at the little cross that Lindsey hung up on the wall with his own little hands while I held him, I had to shed tears. Everything seems to be dead wrong and I wonder how it will all turn out. No doubt it is all for the best anyhow and I am going to look at it that way.

Margie and Lindsey