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Though Fred lived until 1947, his diaries end with the 1921 volume. At some time after that, probably 1924, he returned to Los Angeles, was reunited with his son, and remarried Margie. Perhaps married life once again changed his habits. If he did keep diaries during this period, they may have been destroyed later, either by himself (the existing ones have entries scratched out and torn out), or by my grandmother after he died.

The photographic record is more complete. There is no evidence of any visits to Whidbey until this last one in 1946. He and Margie made the trip in September and visited a number of Fred’s old friends and relations. I have identified those I can in the following pictures. - Ed.

Sadie & Bob’s

Robert Davis, Sadie Morse Davis (daughter of George Morse & Mary McCrohan)
& Margie Adams - Ed.

Bob, Sadie & Fred at store

Sadie & Bob’s store

Tony & Mamie Monroe’s home

View from Monroe home

Tony & Mamie Arnold Monroe - Ed.

Margie, Mamie & Tony

Group at Tony Monroe’s

Monroe headstone Ben & Ava’s home

Ava (daughter of Tony Monroe) - Ed. Ava & Margie

Ben's Bull

Old Indian fort

Deception Pass Bridge Group at Deception Pass

Claude & Hattie’s home

Claude’s bus

Kennedy family

Seated, Ed Kennedy; standing, Lillian Monroe Kennedy (daughter of Tony Monroe), [her daughter?], Margie - Ed.