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1908 Diary Frontispiece
Jan. 1, 1908 Wed.

In the woods most all day with Tony. Wrote to Sydnor, Salisbury, and started letter to Carl.

Jan. 2, 08 Thurs.

In the woods again. Sister phoned that she wants me Mon. to help fix up the hall for a birthday party etc. Started in to practise again this eve.

Jan. 3, 08 Fri.

Built fire this A.M. Hauling wood with Tony all A.M. Took Nellie home right after dinner; returned school books to Nell Benson & Eben Holden to Sister with whom I had a short chat. Letter from Ma encl. $5.00. Wrote Mr. McMillin in re to new cornet. He has been trying to locate me. Practised this eve.

Jan. 4, 08 Sat.

Spent most of the day fixing my trunk, trunk stamp, belt, washing - all in preparation to go to Bellingham next week.

Jan. 5, 08 Sun.

It Blew and rained something terribly last night and early this A.M. Kept me awake most of the night. A part of Tony’s fence above the house blew down & we put in a temporary rail one. Packed trunk and disposed of all my things today. Clipped Aunt Kate’s neck. Gave Ava a small pencil sharpener.

Jan. 6, 08 Mon.

Sister’s birthday & the day I leave the ranch for God knows how long. Had lunch at Lou’s and after a bit went over to the hotel. Sister seemed delighted to see me. Her birthday party at the hall was a success and everybody had a fine time. The lunch at the hotel was fine also. Staid at the hotel over night. Had two sweet birthday kisses from sister. Juliet came to the party & seemed very friendly. Danced with her and kissed her too. Danced a good deal this eve.

Jan. 7, 08 Tue.

At Fuca all day taking it easy. Played some with sister and read a graet deal. Went over to Lou’s for a few minutes. Juliet came up too. She’s looking finely. Went down to Nellie’s for the night. Read Mysteries of Paris all eve.

Jan. 8, 08 Wed.

At Fuca all day. Wrote letter to Salisbury resigning as member A.F. of M. & enc. dues for 1st quarter. Nellie had a little party in my honor this eve. and it was very jolly. Sister, Nell, Sam, Sibbie, Chris & Kate B. Grandma were on hand. Music, lunch & talk. Went back with Sister & Grandma & kissed them both goodbye. Sister asked me to kiss her. Bless her heart!

Jan. 9, 08 Thurs.

Left for Seattle this A.M. Saw several of the islanders at the Stevens, inc. Frank Hastie, with whom I dined & then took him to the theatre. Tried his new cornet also. It’s O.K. Left for Bellingham at 10 on the Utopia. Bed too springy for comfort.

Feb. 12, 08 Wed.

Left for Everett at 11.25 arr. at 2.30. Arr. at Coupeville at abt 7. They wouldn’t go into Fuca so staid at Uncle Joe Power’s & had a pleasant time. Aunty Chris played the phonograph for me.

Feb. 13, 08 Thurs.

Arose early & had a fine breakfast. Was going to ride around with Bert Arnold but couldn’t as he was going to take his wife along. So I walked & had a dandy tramp all to myself. Christine hailed me in for a galss of milk & to hear her gramophone. She gave me quite a bunch of news of the doings at Uncle George’s, & then walked around to Sibbie’s with me. All glad to see me. Went up to Tony’s with the girls & spent the eve night. Packed trunk.

Feb. 14, 08 Fri.

Took it easy all day. Got all ready to go away. All went down to the dance where I played & made $9.00. Frank Hastie was there with his cornet & played quite a bit while I danced. Juliet was there but I did not dance wth her. She asked me to send her a postal as she was leaving.

Feb. 15, 08 Sat.

Laid abed until about 10.30. Had breakfast with sister. Staid at Fuca all day & enjoyed myself reading etc. Staid at hotel again tonight as it was so windy.

Feb. 16, 08 Sun.

Went bck to ranch today & spent the day reading etc. Tony drove me down this eve. & took the trunk. Started to rain hard as we neared the wharf. Staid at Nellie’s tonight.

Feb. 17, 08 Mon.

Off for Bellingham via Seattle this A.M. with sister. Had a very pleasant trip. Took her to dinner on the boat. Took 4.25 train for Bellingham arr. at 8.03. John & Charlie came down to meet me. Met a Mr. Bevans and we rode together all the way up. Also dined in company. All glad to see me back. Mrs. H. had the girls up & we had an eve. with the cards. Played whist.

Mar. 31, 08 Tue.

Letter from Aunt Kate telling about Jane Morse’s death last Sun. I immediately wrote Lincoln & expressed my sympathy. She left a new born son & 6 other children. Bought tickets for Black Crook Apr. 2nd. Gave Hansen a lesson and then did office work until 10. Read “Adventures of a Freshman” until 11 at home. Wrote long letter to Charlie Luther.