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1921 Diary Frontispiece
May Saturday 28, 1921

All packed and set for Whidby and anxious to go. Carroll called at 12 & off we went. Had a splendid ride down, stopping at Lou’s & Marshall’s, but all had left for the island. Arrived at Nellie’s at about 5.30 and sat down to a swell chicken supper which went right to the right spot in large quantities. All glad to see us & we them. Carroll & I bunked together at Nellie’s. We had a big re-union at Aunty Chris’ & a jolly one you bet. There were Louise, Sadie, Nellie, Sibbie, Aunty Chris, Kate Barrington, Mrs. Syd Barrington, Harry B., Chris Fisher, Joe Power, Bob Davis, Marshall, Anna, Carroll, Yorke B., Aileen, Margaret (Lou’s baby) and myself. See many changes but most all have changed for the better.

May Sunday 29, 1921

All the folks drove over to Oak Harbor and had a picnic dinner near the old Morse ranch. We then decorated all the graves at the little cemetary, then Carroll, Eva, Nellie, Marcella & I drove to Crescent Harbor & put flowers on Jane’s grave & Charlie Dyer’s. Spent P.M. at Nellie’s reading, looking at Yorke’s photos, chatting, etc. In the eve. a big crowd of us gathered on the beach and had a jolly clam bake. Nell Benson came down & seemed glad to see me. Have now met most all my old friends & getting acquainted all over again. Drove over to Coupeville with Tony, Mamie & Doris in his Dodge & Mamie put flowers on the old ladies’ graves.

May Monday 30, 1921

Arose at 6.30 and strolled around until breakfast, which was a jolly one. Went over to the hall and practised on the trumpet almost an hour and I surely needed it. Had dinner at Sibbie’s with Chris after which he & I took a ride over to Still’s Park, went thru the hotel which has just been opened then called on Clifford McMillin at his camp where he, his wife and girls and Mr. & Mrs. Heal are staying. By the way, was at Sibbie’s most all the A.M. chatting & listening to the phonograph & while there got Chris & Sibbie to sign a Community Property Agreement which made Sibbie as happy as could be. Clifford & party stopped at Nellie’s on their way back to Bellingham & Mrs. M. was very insistent on my calling on them. We left for Bellingham at about 4, stopping at Lou’s at Mt. Vernon for supper & some music. Reached home at about 10.30.

June Tuesday 28, 1921

Fine letter from Cousin Nellie. Says York is now in N.Y. also that Sister Egan-Goggin is now on the island. Will have to run down sure soon. Carroll called at the house to show me the car he & Earl have been dolling up. Looks fine. We are planning on going to San de Fuca a week from Sat. Gave Wenzell his lesson & it will be the last one for some time as he is going away for a vacation. Eve. at home reading. Short letter from Col. Warren. Says things are booming down there. Let ’em boom for all of me. They will up here soon. Wrote some on Mother’s letter. Had another from her today.

July Saturday 16, 1921

Ed. Boston in to see me. Says Mrs. B. is in very bad shape: throat trouble and apt to choke to death. Am sorry. Earl & I are planning on driving to Whidby this P.M. Gave Susie a good oiling, and filled her up with gas. Just before we were ready I discovered that the front radius rod was broken & so I had to drive down to Diehl & Simpson’s & have a new one put on, but we got away at last (5.30) and landed at Nellie’s at 9.40 happy and hungry. N. was glad to see us & filled us up. The roads are awful rough in spots but we had a lot of pavement at that and Susie rambled right along.

July Sunday 17, 1921

Got up at 7.30, shaved etc. After breakfast Earl & I changed my right front tire then called on sister Egan who gave me a sweet and sisterly kiss. Had a nice chat with her then Earl and I drove to Coupeville, saw Nell a few minutes then went out to Ft. Casey then back to Fuca via Still’s Park. Called on sister again then drove to Marshall’s on the main land and had a swell picnic dinner and a jolly good time. Tony, Mamie, Doris, Chris, Sibbie, Henrietta (who is just up from Seal Beach, Calif.) her son David, Hill & wife, Syd. & wife, York Barrington, George B., Nellie, Aunty Chris & Joe, Henry & Margaret Power, Madge & family, Dan Earlywine, Anna & Marshall & a host of assorted babies. After dinner some of us drove to Rosaro Beach but I was sorry I went on acct. of the horrible hills we encountered but Susie did her duty like a thorough bred and took them all. Earl & I started for home at 5.20 and arr. at 7.30 in good condition. Mrs. Wells gave us a good supper and we then had some music.

July Saturday 30, 1921

Am off for San de Fuca this A.M. all by myself and am glad to try the experiment of making such a long trip alone. Wish Ma and Lindsey were here to go with me. Left the office at 10.30 & Bellingham at 11, arriving at Fuca at 4.15 after a very enjoyable drive. Picked up two chaps at Fairhaven Park and took them as far as Burlington. Had my coils tested at Ford Garage and got a new spark plug. Nellie is away so I will eat at Sibbie’s and sleep at Nellie’s. Called on sister and had a fine, long chat. Also had some music. She seems to make a confidant of me and I like it. John dropped in at the hotel at about 4.10 & had a talk with her in regard to the apts. She is not ready to go into the deal yet. John has had a great trip & is glad he went away.

July Sunday 31, 1921

Arose at 8, built a fire & shaved. Had breakfast at Sibbie’s then called on sister to see about changing our plans somewhat as I felt that I ought to call on Tony which I did and am glad of it. Took Eddie Merrifield along & we staid to a fine dinner. Ava & family came in time to eat with us. Went back to Fuca at about 2.30 & packed up. Had a farewell chat with dear old sister & started off for Bellingham at 4.15 picking up Ava at her father-in-law’s home & bringing her back with me. She has a short period at Normal before getting her teacher’s certificate. We stopped for gas & ice cream at Burlington. Hit the rotten Lake Samish road at dark & had a wild, rough time of it at times. Front right tire went flat at Elk & Magnolia & I thanked God that it didn’t happen on the rough road at dark.

Aug. Saturday 13, 1921

All ready for San de Fuca and as Ava had a telegram to go to Burlington on the train to meet Ben, I will make it alone & that will give me a chance to sing and holler my head off if I want to. Ordered a new tire for my rear left this A.M. for $10.50. Was telling John about it and he went over and got one also. Left for San de Fuca at 12.30 and landed at Tony’s about 4.30 after a very delightful ride all by myself. All seemed glad to see me. Walked nearly all over the West part of the ranch looking for Tony and then did not find him. He was cutting peas away up at the further end. Did not know his ranch went so far.

Aug. Sunday 14, 1921

Put in an hour practicing at the old ladies’ place & thoroughly enjoyed it. Rode to San de Fuca with Mamie & Doris & called on Nellie, Sibbie & sister while M. & D. were at S.S. Had a big picnic at Nugent’s beach this P.M. & sister drove out with me. Had all the fried chicken and other good things that I could eat. About 30 of us there & we staid the entire afternoon & had another feed about 5 o’clock. Sister rode back with me. Staid at Tony’s after driving Louise over to Nell’s at Coupeville. Nell was glad to see me too and kissed me twice. Always sure of a lot of kissing when I hit old San de Fuca.

Aug. Monday 15, 1921

Piled out at 4.15 and left Tony’s at 5.55 after eating a bite that Mamie got for me. Arr. home at 10 after a fine trip. Little car running along at 30 miles without a struggle & I am more pleased than ever with it. Ran across John’s car just the other side of Alger with Mrs. Hull therein. He had run out of gas and had walked to Alger to get some. Started back after him but saw him in another car. Had short chat & came on. Lake Samish road is awful. Mrs. Wells was very much worried about me because I did not show up last night. Am glad to be back but sure had a fine time. Covered 148 miles on about 6 gals. gas. Am putting in a quart of oil every 100 miles and find that it pays and gives me a sweet running motor and power galore. Saw hundreds of quail on the island, many of them young ones and so tame that they would not get out of the way until they actually had to. Picked up Betterton and took him a long way. He is living on Sadie’s place. Good band rehearsal.

Aug. Saturday 27, 1921

All set for San de Fuca and rarin’ to go. Letter from Sadie Davis enclosing a book mark for which she is asking 30c in an endeavor to build a stone wall around the family cemetary on the island. Wrote to Sadie and sent her a check for a dollar. Left for the island at 1.30 and arrived at Sibbie’s at 6 just as they were about to sit down for supper in which I joined them gladly. After which I drove over to Clifford’s cottage to deliver his message & staid the rest of the eve. & had a good time. Took out the cornet & played songs in the open air for quite a while and enjoyed it if no one else did. Slept at Nellie’s & had the place to myself as she is with Mrs. McMillin. Sibbie tried hard to get me to stay at her home but I did not want to make her extra work.

Aug. Sunday 28, 1921

Arose at 7.30 and drove over to Mrs. McMillin’s cottage and had a fine breakfast with her, Nellie, Sue and Jean, of smelts etc. Jolly time. Brot Nellie home at 10 & we passed Clifford on the way but did not stop. A big crowd of us drove to North Beach near the pass and had a picnic dinner, about 100 all told and 20 cars. Awful road in and I got stuck once but pulled out O.K. We also went over to Cranberry Lake where some went in swimming. Had a mighty fine feed and a jolly time. Nellie went in my car. Called on sister a few minutes and then went to Tony’s to spend the night. Tony is thinking of selling the ranch and taking life easy. Don’t blame him. Took a number of snap shots this P.M.

Deception Pass

North Beach

Cranberry Lake

Aug. Monday 29, 1921

Arose at 6 and Mamie got me a good breakfast. Left Tony’s at 7.05 and after a dandy ride, for the most part, arrived at the office at 11.15. Was delayed at the ferry about a half hour & took the time to grease up Susie and fill her crank case with oil. Little car runs like a sewing machine and responds to every demand I make on her. Called on Dr. Van Buskirk to have some dental work done. Eve. at home snoozing and working on the Birth of the Nation music. Will be glad when that job is over. Did not feel like going to band rehearsal. Earl did not go down either.

Sept. Saturday 10, 1921

Geo. Beyer drove me down this A.M. Am going to rent a stall in his garage and have my car on the ground floor. Same rent as I am paying the Smith Motor Co. Letter from Carroll Morse saying that he could not go to Van Couver B.C. tomorrow. Has a girl on the string. Eve. at home reading.

Oct. Tuesday 11, 1921

Letter from Cousin Sadie Davis in regard to coming down to Oak Harbor on the 22nd. Wants me to bring the cornet and play “There’s a Long Long Trail” as they march to the cemetary and other pieces which they will sing. Wrote to her and said I would be there and help out all I could. Mrs. Stark called up to see about her son taking cornet lessons. I want 2 or 3 more good pupils. Gave Kenneth a lesson and he is doing much better now that he has a suitable mouthpiece. Attended Bensen’s rehearsal and had a good time.

Oct. Saturday 15, 1921

Quite busy most of the day. Caught a big rat in the basement & Mr. Hargood burnt him up for me. Ugh! Eve. at home reading. Eva Morse in to see me and we talked about going down to the Island Sat. to Sadie’s big doings. Sent Mrs. Nunan 3 more Whidby films.

Oct. Saturday 22, 1921

Called for Eva & Lincoln at 8.30 and we headed for Oak Harbor where we arrived at about 12 and found every body on hand and working on the cement wall to be built around the family burying ground. Pitched in myself after eating a fine chicken dinner. Among those on hand were Tony, Mamie, Doris, Chris, Sibbie, Sadie & Bob, Marshall & Anna, Aunty Chris, Joe & Henry Power, Nellie Dyer, Hill B. & wife and a lot of new ones whom I had never seen before. Took a number of snap shots and hope they will turn out well. Took Doris home and staid at Tony’s for the night. Went with him after the cows and he took his shot gun along hoping to see a pheasant but we failed to locate one.

George Morse   Ranch

Dreamland Ranch

Dreamland Ranch close-upHenry Power at Dinty Moore's

Oct. Sunday 23, 1921

Piled out at 8 and had a good breakfast. Greased and oiled Susie & cleaned out the timer shell, sandpapering the terminals. Tony couldn't get his Dodge started and Doris was at Coupeville with the Ford so I drove Mamie down to Fuca to attend Sunday school where she has a class and while waiting for her spent the time at Nellie’s & Sibbie’s looking at Eddie’s Alaska pictures etc. Had a fine chicken dinner at Tony’s & then started for Oak Harbor, took a last look at the new wall, said goodbye & with Eva & Lincoln started for Bellingham where we arrived shortly after 6 without a mishap. The little car runs better than ever & the new vaporizer is a wonder at making the engine run more smoothly.

Ford & folks

Nov. Saturday 12,1921

Called up Eva and she is game to go down to Marshall’s tomorrow. Mailed Lindsey the box of candy I bought at Abbotsford yesterday & had it insured. Fine long letter from Mother and am more than glad to hear from her. Says Annie Izett is homesick and wants to come back to the island & wants mother to come with her. Shall do all I can to get her to do so. Nothing would please me any more. Wrote Lindsey and sent him pictures of the Armistice parade taken across the street from the office (he used to call it ”Daddy’s offus”) He has seen me in several parades while he stood in front of it and what a long time ago that was. But I can see him as plain as day waving his little hand at me.

Nov. Sunday 13, 1921

Called for Eva & Neva & we lit out for Marshall’s where we arrived at about 11.30 in good condition. All seemed glad to see us. Had a splendid chicken dinner and sat around talking until 3 P.M. when we started for Bellingham arriving O.K. at 5.30 or a little later. The little car made a perfect score and seems to run better all the time. Eve. at home reading. Have had a fine time today and a good change. Marshall and Anna have a cosy home but my goodness I’d die of lonesomeness on a ranch of any kind I believe. Marshall is a road supervisor and is doing a lot of road work now. Carroll is helping him. The Samish road is rotten and I have been over it for the last time.

Nov. Wednesday 30, 1921

York Dyer popped in on me this A.M. and nearly surprised me to death. Is looking fine. Rode up from Vallejo, Cal. on a motorcycle and made it in 7 days. Invited him to lunch at Elks Club. Gee, he’s a big fellow. Must be 6 ft + in his bare tootsies. Is going back into the service again. Invited Billie Clark to go the Am. tonight to see the Sheik. Called up later and said he would rather go Fri. night. York & I had a fine lunch at the Club & a good talk about many things. He thinks that war with Japan is sure to come & that Uncle Sam is gradually bringing the war vessels to this coast. It will be good bye to Japan in the end tho she could do us untold damage for a while.