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Hull Corporate Seal 1920Fred in Band Uniform[Fred Adams in his band uniform - Ed.]

Fri. Oct. 29, 1920
Cousin Lincoln Morse was burned to death yesterday morning at Mt. Vernon & it is a great shock to me. What a terrible death. He leaves a large family. Went up to see Mrs. Morse, but she would not see anybody. Met Carol on way up & tendered my sympathy. The funeral is at Mt. Vernon tomorrow at 11 AM & I have decided to go. Carol will meet me at the train. Quite a long letter from Marjorie with pictures of Lindsey in the suit that I sent him. It seems to fit very nicely. He sent his love to his daddy. God bless him. Gave Mr. Judson a clipping as above to send to Cliford McMillin, who is now touring Calif. Wrote mother & sent a clipping.

Lincoln Morse newsclip

Sat. Oct 30, 1920
Bought some pinks and left for Mt. Vernon at 9.30 to attend Lincolnís funeral. Arr. at 10.35 & was met by Mr. Vosberg & two others and we all went to the undertakerís together. Did not see the body at all, but I saw where Lincoln met his death. He had 3 good ways of escape & how he failed to get out is surely a mystery. Saw Nellie, Sadie, Lou, Marshall, Anna, Claude & wife. Sibbie and they wanted me to go to Whidby to the burial but I did not feel like going. Had lunch at Mt. Vernon & came back on 1.30 Interurban and went to the office. Glad to get back. Saw frost on the roofs this A.M. Gave me a Winter thrill.

Wed. Nov. 10, 1920
Marshall Morse in to see me. Had quite a chat. Has had hard luck on his ranch: lost his crop about $1800.

Sun. Nov. 21, 1920
Called at Lincolnsí home & with Guy Newell appraised his property & had a pleasant time. Nothing said about Lís death & I was glad of it. Saw Doris & her baby of the same name. Little Marcella warmed right up to me the first thing. Ran right up & put her arms around me & I held her in my lap. I donít remember of ever seeing her before. She is about 6 years old & very cute. Showed them Lindseyís photo.