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1910 Diary Frontispiece
Thurs. July 14, 1910

My last day in old Bellingham. No one seems to want Kate badly enough to pay my price so I have decided to take her to Fuca & try & sell her there and so made arrangements to get her there, but while on way to the boat I sold her to Cole of Cole Storage Co & got $50 down and a balance when he sells her. Left on the boat just the same and went to bed in skipper’s berth but not to sleep: too much noise & cussing. Ran into a bank in La Connor slew to avoid sinking a fisherman & hung up for good.

La Connor

Friday, July 15, 1910

Hung up in the slew at La Connor where Mace run to avoid sinking a fisherman. Went into town & took in the sights with two of the crew. Sent postals to Ma & Charlie L. Bought some cherries. Transferred to the Fairhaven & reached San de Fuca at midnight where Nellie met me & took me home.

Saturday, July 16, 1910

Arose at 8 and said hello to all on hand. Saw several of my old friends & all seemed glad to see me. Tony came for me about 9 & took me & my baggage to the ranch. Worked with him all p.m. All the old ladies are about the same. Aunt Kate looks rather poorly. Juliet called me up as soon as she heard I was here & we had a jolly chat. Said she wrote me but her letter never reached me. Letters from Ma, Col. W. & Mr. R. also papers from latter.

Sunday, July 17, 1910

Out to West Beach all day on a picnic. Met lots of old friends & had a fine time & feed.

Monday, July 18, 1910

Wrote to Col. W. & Ma then helped Tony fill sacks of oats. Helped weed in p.m. - a damned hot job. Took a stroll with Tony to look for a deer - no deer but plenty of black berries. Turned in at 9.

Tuesday, July 19, 1910

At work in the woods clearing out for a road.

Wednesday, July 20, 1910

Nearly roasted all day. Went down to the village & mailed a bunch of letters with Lillian. Called to see Nell & Aunt Mary. Worked with Tony all p.m. & then had a bully swm. Gee, it was fine. Wrote long letter to Lelia Putnam after practising.

Thursday, July 21, 1910

Working with Tony all A.M. Wrote Doc Williams for some music.

Friday, July 22, 1910

Had a fearful time with Kate & Babe this A.M. in driving up the incline to the barn. Boards were wet and slippery and down they went, rolling over & sliding. Tony had an awful time getting them free of the wagon. They acted pretty wise & lay as quiet as could be while we worked on them. Kate was quite badly cut on the legs. It is a wonder their legs were not broken going thro the planking. Took a load of hay down to Aunt Mary’s for Uncle Geo.

Saturday, July 23, 1910

Helping Tony all day one way and another - putting up gate, weeding and clearing out brush & small trees. Had a good swim after work & nearly froze going in

Sunday, July 24, 1910

At home all day reading, writing and practising. Wrote to Charlie Brown, Lew, & Leslie’s. A lot of company came. Day passed very slowly. If I had had Kate here it would have been lively enough for me you bet. Too late to regret parting with her however.

Monday, July 25, 1910

Cutting down trees & undergrowth all A.M. with Tony. Big crowd for dinner. Bill Smith & family & two strangers.Cole hasn’t sold Kate yet. Can go to L.A. for $45. 1st class & $35.80 2nd including berth.

Tuesday, July 26, 1910

Cleaning land all day with Tony. Sibbie & Nellie here for dinner. Sent letter to W.E. Wright in regard to the pony. Would like to have him buy her.

Wednesday, July 27, 1910

Working hard all day cutting down trees & brush with Tony. Postal from Chas. L. Says he has seen Kate 2 or 3 times. Transfer card from Geo. Laviolette - Leslies’. Took a bath in salt water after work but did not go in all over - too cold. Tony just went in wading.

Thursday, July 28, 1910

Tony & I drove over to Izett’s to buy a couple of young porkers. Cold riding. Saw Juliet a few minutes and had a common place chat about nothing. She is looking rather old seems to me. Cutting brush all p.m.

Friday, July 29, 1910

Cutting brush & building road up in the field.

Sunday, July 31, 1910

Big picnic at the beach. Swell feed & jolly time.

Monday, Aug. 1, 1910

Tony & Mamie away all A.M. Took things easy. Raised Ned with the girls & they had hot scraps among themselves. Laughed myself nearly to death at them. Played for a free dance with Madeline tonight. Had a good time. Transposed all the music at sight. Big crowd.

Tuesday, Aug. 2, 1910

Tony & I made slight preparations on a location for his granary. Postal to Mrs. Phillips, letter to Standard R E. Co. giving them H---

Wednesday, Aug. 3, 1910

Hauled lumber up from the dock - a big job. Billie Benson caught and gave us a fine mess of trout. Retired early - tired out. Called Juliet and Lincoln to see about Madeline & I playing for the show Sat. night. They want us & will pay. Asked $4.00 each, as we will have to play for a dance as well.

Thursday, Aug. 4, 1910

Taking it easy all day as there was nothing I could do. Drove Aunt Sarah & Mamie down to go to Dorcas & staid to rehearse with Madge, which we did for 2 hours in the hall & had a good time. The whole Fuca bunch went over to a clam bake at the campers’ place & had a jolly time & a feast of clams. Staid at Nellie’s tho Sibbie wanted me to stay at her home.

Friday, Aug. 5, 1910

At San de Fuca all day. Wrote a bunch of letters to Charlie Lang, Ma, F.E.R., Stand. R.E. Co.. Rehearsed with Madge an hour or so this p.m. & had a good time. Went fishing at head of cove with Hallie but got nothing. Had some fun tho. Visited Still’s new hotel, talked with some men we met on the beach & looked the country over with field glasses belonging to one.

Saturday, Aug. 6, 1910

Arose at 7.30, had a good breakfast & shortly after started for the ranch. Met a Mr. Walker who is running the show at O.H. tonight & he said it wouldn’t be necessary for me to attend the rehearsal this p.m. Had quite a chat with him. Invited Tony & Mamie to go so rode over with them. Madge & I got along O.K. am glad to say. The show was excruciating to say the least. Juliet was more than friendly, asked me to dance with her & fairly begged me to spend the night at her home. She staid right with me all of the time after the show & I even sat in her lap while playing for one dance. I wonder how she will be when next we meet. Made $4.00 a piece & Madge was more than pleased.

8/6 Playbill

Sunday, Aug. 7, 1910

Tony, Mamie, Doris & I took dinner with Sam & Nell Benson today & had a fine feed. Sam took us out in his motor fishing boat after dinner over to Still’s Hotel. Letter from “Strat” Hudson who wants to leave L.A. & get into the country near the water & wants me to see what I can do for him. Paper from F.E.R.

Monday, Aug. 8, 1910

Feeling weak & bum all day so took it easy. Letters from Mr. Hudson, Wright of Y.M.C.A., who is going to Salt Lake City on the 13th, & postal from Daise.

Tuesday, Aug. 9, 1910

Helped put up some stringers for the granary until sun came out when Tony started in to cut oats.

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 1910

At the ranch all day. Put up oat shocks a good part of the time. Am reading a book called “The Desert Home” & it is a dandy - just the kind I like.

Thursday, Aug. 11, 1910

Walked down to Fuca this p.m. and took in the chicken mulligan at Christine’s having a bully good time. About 83 people on hand. Went over in Charlie’s boat & came back in Sam’s & staid at his house all night and had a good sleep in a feather bed.

Friday, Aug. 12, 1910

Had jolly breakfast with Sadie & Nell, and shortly after Uncle Geo. came along & took me back to Tony’s. Letter from Cole, has not sold the pony yet - too late in the season he says.

Saturday, Aug. 13, 1910

Chris drove up for me this p.m. to take me down to play for the dance. Gyp has gone lame & so Tony & Mamie could not go. Had a jolly time at the dance. Sadie had a bunch of us over to the house afterwards to sandwiches & coffee. Spent night at Nellie’s, tho both Nell Benson & Sibbie wanted me to stay with them. Letter from Siegel-Myers school.

Sunday, Aug. 14, 1910

At Nellie’s all day. Went for a short boat ride with Charlie & Yorke. Big bunch to dinner and to spend the p.m. Rode back to Tony’s with Uncle George. Have a very painful stiff neck.

Monday, Aug. 15, 1910

Still suffering from very stiff neck. Chopped wood for old ladies this A.M. Rode over to Oak Harbor with Tony to get a buck for his flock. Bought him of Albert Maylor. Got some olive oil & candy for the kids on the way back. Had a good time and ride. Did not drop in to see Juliet. Have decided not to use any more hair tonics on my scalp as I believe the alcohol in them closes the pores. Olive oil is next on the list.

Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1910

Took the kids and went up to Joe Arnold’s after plums this A.M. and picked a big mess. Shocked wheat a good part of the p.m.

Friday, Aug. 19, 1910

Sam Benson here today working on the new granary. Sunset phone book from Harry Loving. He is at Sumas.

Saturday, Aug. 20, 1910

Working on the new granary all day with Tony and Sam & worked hard too.

Sunday, Aug. 21, 1910

At West Beach on a picnic and had a fine feed. Finished letter to F.E.R. before starting. Sat beside Christine most all the time I was there and built a big fire.

Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1910

Working on the new granary all day & had a good time. I can pretty near keep my end up with either Tony or Sam.

Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1910

Finished the granary today & it looks good.

Thursday, Aug. 25, 1910

Started to haul & stack the wheat today. Big fire in Neal’s slashing & it spread across the road & came down toward the house. No danger.

Friday, Aug. 26, 1910

Stacking wheat & oats all day with Mr. Van Dam and we all got pretty tired before night but we finished the job at 7.30.

Saturday, Aug. 27, 1910

Tony & I looked over the fire situation & started some backfires. Sam took me down to Fuca in his launch & I played for the dance with Madge & sister who came on the boat. Had a swell time & made $3.50 Juliet was there & quite friendly. Slept at Nell’s.

Sunday, Aug. 28, 1910

At Nell’s all day & had a swell time. She got up a grand chicken dinner & had a big crowd to eat it, among them being sister Egan, Dr. McKee, Mrs. Monisette, & Mrs. Mike Benson. In the eve. we had a still larger crowd with plenty of music, recitations, etc.

Monday, Aug. 29, 1910

Arose at 7.30 & had breakfast with Nell & Sam. Sister has deserted Nell & me & is paying all her attention to Dr. McKee. Wrote Ellis & two steamship cos. in regard to passage South. Uncle Geo brought me back to Tony’s & is going to call for me in the morning to take me home with him.

George Morse & sisters

Tuesday, Aug. 30, 1910

Uncle Geo. called bright & early & took me home with him behind his Kentucky charger, Major, who is a dandy. Takes all the hills on the jump. We borrowed a typewriter from Harvey Hill & Uncle Geo. dictated a number of letters to his influential political _____ asking them to back him up in his fight to go back as Rep.

Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1910

Around the house all day except a short time this A.M. when Carol, Lincoln & I took a couple of cows over to some dutchman for “service.” Wrote long letters on the machine to Ma, Louise, & Col. W.

Thursday, Sept. 1, 1910

Uncle Geo. finished dictating letters this A.M. & we took the machine back to Mr. Hill this p.m. Called on Julie a few minutes. She is very pleasant to me and seems to like to have me around.

George Morse and buggy

Went down town
Had long talk with Julie.

Friday, Sept. 2, 1910

Helped Lincoln on the grindstone, read & took it easy all A.M. Lincoln & I started off to look up a deer this p.m. & then changed our minds and took a long ride over Miller’s Pt way & around the other road on a sort of electioneering stunt for Uncle Geo. Had a dandy time & found everybody solid for Uncle Geo. Joe Power came rambling in about 10 o’clock & slept with me.

Sunday, Sept. 4, 1910

Went down to potlatch house and took photos of Billys’ grave & Katy. Also of Katie, Doris, Lillian & dugout. Then the kids and I took a long walk up to the Craney place. Had a chicken dinner with the old ladies - a farewell feed, so to speak. Uncle Geo. called in p.m. for a short chat.

Billy Barlow Memorial

Katie, Lillian and Doris

Monday, Sept. 5, 1910

Spent all A.M. packing up and got good and sick of it. I have more stuff than an army needs. Got quite sick to my stomach. Said good bye to all at the ranch & Tony took me down to Nellie’s where I staid all night. Nell Benson got up a little farewell party for me & we had a jolly time talking, music, etc.

Tuesday, Sept. 6, 1910

Just six years ago today, Tuesday, that I left San de Fuca for Boston. This time it is for Pasadena. Kissed all the girls & ladies good bye & boarded the Whidby at 7 A.M. Met Ollie O’Leary & we staid together during the trip. Called on Given, Mr. Lang, & got Leon Wilson to come down to the Stevens. Had a good chat & walk with him. Took Ollie to the Lois. Had a fine time.