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Monday July 1

Arose at about 7 and cooked for the bunch - Lou, Henrietta and myself. Left at about 9 & walked home. Ground my axe & spent the p.m. in the woods. Worked hard. Letter from Charlie Brown. He is now with Leopold Morse & Co. in the same capacity as with Shurman & likes much better.

Tuesday July 2

In the woods as usual. Came home to lunch & like this plan much better as it breaks up the day & makes it seem shorter. Am practising like a fiend to get my lip for the 4th & am doing it up brown.

Wednesday July 3

Worked up to this noon & then went to the village on foot to be ready to play on the 4th. Tried over some of the pieces with Mrs. Eagan at the hotel & they went O.K. She is a fine player, & very pleasant.

Thursday July 4

At San de Fuca all day: a good part of the time at Nellieís writing letters. Wrote Beth & Lelia, to the latter the silliest I could think of in return for one she sent me. Went to Coupeville with Chris Fisher & Mrs. Eagan and played at the big dance there. Everybody went into raptures over the music. The best they ever had so all said. A good many wanted to know who I was, where I came from etc. and said all sorts of nice things about my playing so I heard from several sources. Came home in the Atom & turned in at 4 A.M. Made $8.50 clear. Not so bad!

Friday July 5

At Louís all day. Just took it easy. Felt all in for the first time this p.m. late and took a nap. Had supper at Nellieís as Louís kitchen floor is newly painted. Turned in early.

Wednesday July 10

In the woods as usual and enjoyed myself immensely, singing and thinking over things. Did 320 feet today easy. Went down to the village to get some clothes & things & something for Aunt Kateís birthday tomorrow. Think Iíll give her a silk handkerchief. Took down a cluster of fir cones & the big hornetís next for Mrs. Watson but the latter blew away while I was out of the buggy.

Aunt Kateís birthday

Thursday July 11

Working in the woods all the A.M. Got stung twice by hornets while looking over the place Nealís men have been cutting. Staid at home to help celebrate Aunt Kís birthday & had a fine time. She is 80 today. The Dorcas Society met here & there was a big crowd on hand. Went down to get Mrs. Eagan & met her & Mrs. Watson on the way up and took them in. Mrs. E. played & I played a couple of songs with her. Met a Miss Gillis from Victoria & ate lunch with her. She, Lou & I took a stroll on the beach. Philistine from Beth.

Friday July 12

At it again in the woods after my day off yesterday p.m. and glad to be into it once more. Am always ready to get to work after a day or p.m. off. Like being in the woods more and more, but I am not in it when it comes to making money along side of some of Nealís other men, but I am constantly doing better and may be able to compete with them yet.

Saturday July 13

Another week gone & Iím glad of it. Put in the whole day in the woods contrary to my usual pastime. Am getting in some good work on my cornet and I can see gradual and continued improvement. This cornet is so much better than my old one that there is a big difference in my playing.

Sunday July 14

On acct. of the rainy appearance of the weather did not start for San de Fuca until about 11. Walked down & stopped at Louís. A bunch of us went to Stillís Park for a picnic and had a fair time and feed. Nothing extra.

Monday July 15

Into the woods again and glad to be there. Alone once more to do some thinking and planning. Have great times all by my lonesome in the tall timber living over my old experiences etc.

Thursday July 18

Put down 386 feet today. Pretty tired tonight. Had dinner at Tonyís in order to give the old ladies a rest.

Friday July 19

In the woods, as usual but didnít feel much like work: too hot. Fed the pigs for Tony this noon, he being away for a visit.

Saturday July 20

Worked all the A.M. and then quit for the rest of the day. After dinner had a good nap, shave & bath. Split some wood & practised. Found a lot of pieces in my instruction book that I never happened to see before: they werenít in the old book. Am off for San de Fuca tonight. Met Mr. Carlton on the way down & he handed me a letter from Beth. That girl intends to keep my busy writing if she can. She hardly waits a minute before replying. Have had 52 pages to answer in the last batch.

Sunday July 21

At Louís all day reading Molly Baron, splitting wood & chatting with Uncle George about old Bunganuc etc. Wrote a long letter to Steve, Louís husband, & had her read it to see if it were O.K.. Am trying in this way to get acquainted somewhat.

Monday July 22

Put in another day at Louís and have enjoyed it immensely. Read a great deal. Finished a long letter to Beth and hope I wonít have to write again for months. What does it all amount to anyhow? We are both wasting valuable time. Eileen is rather feverish tonight & Lou is very anxious. Spent eve. at the hotel listening to Mrs. Egan play on the piano. Letters from Ma & Lelia Putnam.

Tuesday July 23

Still at Louís. Read until 10.30 & then went over to Mrs Millerís to have her read the cards for me, which she did very willingly. In the main she spoke very encouragingly of my immediate future. Plenty of material success, etc. but no ďwedding bells.Ē Came back here right after dinner & went into the woods. Margaret Power, Henrietta & Molly Thornton overtook me & relieved me of my satchel & two albums. Don the spaniel left them & staid with me.

Tuesday July 30

Helped Tony most all day getting his reaper in shape and helping him with it at Blackistonís where he started in on the oats. Helped him milk.

Wednesday July 31

Same old business. Nearly roasted all day. We need rain badly.

Thursday Aug 1

In the woods all day. Tony goes away today until Sat. noon with the reaper and I am to look after the cows etc. until he returns. Milked 5 cows this eve. and it took me a long time to do it but I succeeded in getting as much milk as Tony does all the same. Finished the chores at 8.45 and then practised a few minutes. Had a fine sponge bath and turned in.

Friday Aug 2

Arose at 5 and milked the 5 cows, separated the milk, fed the pigs and cleaned out the barn. Had breakfast at Tonyís. I smell like a barn yard & look worse than a tramp.

Saturday Aug 3

Did the chores for Tony as usual & got along O.K. The bull likes to bother me but I always get the best of him after a while. We all went down to the hall for the ice cream social & had a good time. Danced with Reny, Lou & others. Nell Benson proposed my taking charge of the school for the next school year & we had quite a talk about it. Promised to see what I could do.

Sunday Aug 4

At San de Fuca all day & staying at Nellieís for a change, as long as Charlie is away. Reny & I went canoeing in an old indian dug out we found on the beach & had a jolly time.

Monday Aug 5

At San de Fuca all day. Cleaned my clothes & shaved & then went up to see the girls. Met Reny on the way and she proposed a walk, which we took and had a jolly time. She leaves this p.m. for home. Am sorry to have her go. Reny is my good friend surely. Made out some statements for Chris until the boat came, which I went down to meet, and which brought Mother safe & sound. Introduced her to Lou, Reny & others & then took her over to Nellieís until Chris was ready to bring us up to the old ladiesí home.

Tuesday Aug 6

Too windy to work in the woods so staid at home & studied but I nearly died with the fidgets. I am too much of a wild man, since working in the woods, to stay around the house all day & keep my mind on book reading. Did a few chores to help out.

Wednesday Aug 7

In the woods all day in spite of the rain. Worked in my bare skin most all the p.m. and liked it. Put in over two hours on the horn today for Friday night.

Thursday Aug 8

Went with Tony & Mr. Carleton to get a load of wood for Mr. Arnold & then rode with them to San de Fuca where we got Maís trunk & brought it home. Letter from John Hull who has just returned to Bellingham from the East. Says Charlie wrote him that he might not come West but go into a real estate office in Providence.

Friday Aug 9

Knocked off this noon for the rest of the day. Got badly stung by hornets this A.M. in 5 places. Shaved, bathed and then went downto Fuca for the dance. Played from 9 till 2 nd got along nicely. Very pretty party. Several of the girls dressed in Jap costume & looked very pretty. It was a Japanese party.

Saturday Aug 10

Arose quite late as I feel pretty well all in after the dance. Did not turn in until about 3.30. Staid down all day and had a good time. Charlie wants me to go to Everett to get an option on some real estate & I will go Monday. Wrote a short letter to John Hull.

Sunday Aug 11

At San de Fuca all day and oscillated between Louís and Nellieís. Wrote long letter to Charlie Brown. Lincoln & I went clamming this A.M,. got a big mess, and had a jolly time. Took some up to Lou. Borrowed a razor from Chris & shaved. Cut his hair. Went over to Mrs. Thorntonís camp with the bunch for a clam mulligan. Took along the cornet and had a jolly time.

Monday Aug 12

Left for Everett at 7 A.M. & arrived at about 10.30. Called on Juliet the first thing & she seemd glad to see me. Had a good talk. Spent p.m. in the dentistís chair & had 4 teeth filled by Dr. Rice, from Northampton, Mass. We became quite chummy. Took Juliet to lunch & we had a jolly time. Mrs. Palmer & Miss Sangster came in later & joined us. Attended the minstrel show & had a few good laughs. Staid at the Royal.

Tuesday Aug 13

Arose at 7 and immediately got busy trying to locate old Domino Cavellero the owner of the land on Camaro, but he is at Stanwood & no one knows when he will return, so I called on McKee & put the matter of obtaining an option in his hands as per Charlieís orders, then I went after Mr. Darling. He has a customer to show the property as soon as we can furnish an option. Had a nice call on Juliet & took her to lunch. Left for Whidby after seeing her again & making arrangements to write. Glad to get on the island again.

Wednesday Aug 14

Took it easy at San de Fuca all day & enjoyed myself. Wrote to Juliet the first thing and hope she will enjoy the letter. Gave her all the news. Am reading ďTexas RangerĒ again and like it as well as ever. Charlie seems satisfied with the way I conducted affairs at Everett. Came back to the ranch this p.m. with Mamie, Ma & Aunt Sarah in the 2 seater. Helped Tony milk & then practised & retired.

Thursday Aug 15

Back in the woods again after an absence of about 5 days, and glad to be at work again and have a chance to do some meditating once more. Have many things to think about and decide.

Friday Aug 16

The bark is so hard to peel off that I am going to quit for a while working in the woods on poles. Shall write Neil to see of I canít cut piles instead. My last tree nearly did me up and I barely did 300 feet.

Saturday Aug 17

Around the ranch all day helping Tony. Rode down to San de Fuca with Tony & staid at Louís for the night. Beth has sent me ďRamonaĒ to read. Sheís as good and generous as ever.

Sunday Aug 18

A big bunch of us went out to West beach on another famous picnic & had a swell time. Staid with Mrs. Egan most of the time. We went out to the fish trap & saw them lift a portion of the fish. Never saw such a sight in my life. Took two snap shots, & got two salmon to take home. Ma had a good time too.

Monday Aug 19

Working with Tony all day stacking wheat. Ma went over to Oak Harbor to make a visit.

Tuesday Aug 20

Helped Tony and Nordmann with the stacks etc. Took a snap shot of the stacks, and the bull. Lincoln wants me to go as his band cutter on the thresher.

Friday Aug 23

Mrs. Egan phoned that they wanted us to play at a dance at Coupeville tomorrow eve. All are getting stuck on our music and we are roping all the business right now.

Saturday Aug 24

Played at a dance at Coupeville with Mrs. Egan & had a swell time. Made $4.00. Had a lunch on the Whidby after the dance at Tommy Laseyís invitation. Started for home in Hastieís launch at about 1 A.M. but thot we would never get there. Wire in sparker broke & he never discovered it until he had tried 12 sets of batteries & had gone after a new set. Never had so much fun or laughed so in a short time as I did on this occasion. Mr. Lannon kept us roaring all the time. Mrs. Egan gave me pie at the hotel & I had another lunch at Louís.

Sunday Aug 25

At San de Fuca all day resting. Had a feast of music with Mrs. Egan this p.m. and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Monday Aug 26

Started to dig Louís spuds but gave it up on acct. of the rain & went clamming instead. Got a fine mess & we had clam fritters galore. Practised with Mrs. Egan this p.m. & had another good tim.e. Played at a small dance at the hotel to accomodate Mrs. E. and had a jolly time. Danced quite a bit too, but I like to play too much to dance a great deal.

Tuesday Aug 27

Wrote to Perce & Daise. Lou away at Everett to have some dentistry work done. Dug all her spuds in the upper garden & got 2-1/2 sacks...

Wednesday Aug 28

Came back to the ranch this noon after seeing Lou & getting my films. She says Juliet has left Hallís & is going to work at Stone-Fisher Coís after coming home for a short stay. Into the woods this p.m. Helped Tony milk & separate. Aunt Kate fell from a chair this p.m. & hurt herself badly.

Thursday Aug 29

In the woods all day. Aunt Kate is suffering fearfully from her fall. Poor old soul!

Saturday Aug 31

No work today. Played at the fair at San de Fuca Hall this eve. & did fairly well. Went down early this p.m. Saw Juliet and was with her quite a while. Practised some with Mrs. Egan. Had a very nice time during the eve. taking in the sights, eating ice cream & drinking lemonade. A crowd of us adjourned to the hotel & had an hourís dancing. Mrs. E & I played & made $1.75 & $1-1/2 respectively. Danced once & that with Juliet.

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